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How Technology is Enabling a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

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Working from home has been a blessing for us all in every regard, why you ask? Mainly because it has changed the way corporates across the globe function now. It has set a new path for everyone, especially those who assumed physical presence is the core reason for the success and flourishment of businesses all over. Little did they know that working from home has its own benefits and may even improve the work-life balance one had been trying to maintain all this time. 

But with strict home-bound orders, one has to follow numerous social distancing rules that apply in the current scenarios, including not leaving the house unnecessarily. So that leaves us with little to no choice as to how we will maintain a healthy balance in work and life?

The answer to that is technology, and it may seem like we have become increasingly dependent on technology to get rid of it itself. But we know excess of everything is bad for us, hence having a different use of the same tool may bring out a new aspect in life. Listed below are some of the advantages technology brings along to maintain a healthy balance in work and life. 


  • Remote Working

Now that it is a new norm, it may have developed a new level of respect from all the management out there who at least have a team present for work. Remote Working has been a great help in times of distress when various people were losing their job. But it also allowed them to save up a ton of time which would have otherwise been lost on getting ready for the day and on commute. Not to mention the amount of money that you save from gas and car maintenance. 

Furthermore, all the saved time helps you sleep long enough and get a better head start for the day as well. You can cook breakfast while checking emails and do chores or anything of the sort, all while staying at home, giving you a homey feel even while you work. And not to mention, you can always go take a nap on your breaks; how refreshing would that be? All these factors contribute to an active and healthy balance one can bring in one’s life. 

There are also a few setbacks that come along with working from home, it may pose a pretty picture in the beginning, but in truth, it is the opposite. Creating that balance while working from home is hard because most of the bosses assume that you will be present to do any sort of work at any hour just because you are there and do not have anywhere else to go; this may lead to exploitation and exceeded working hours, which is a big no for anyone. So you must verbally communicate this to your leads and bosses that exceeding working hours is not something you are willing to do. 


  • Streaming

Find something to look forward to after work. This attitude will help you stay on track and organized as to what you have to do after work. And with a movie or TV show waiting to be watched, you are all set for the night filled with excitement and anticipation that you had been building up beforehand. Just find the best movie on either Netflix or Hulu or start a Harry Potter marathon on any of the following using ScreenBinge instruction on their site, and you are all set for the night. 

And the paid subscription services are not your only choice. Did you know that there are various free streaming services out there, waiting to be viewed by users from all across the globe? Services like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, and so on are all free for the users. So you can tune into them whenever you want to. But there is a catch; they are only available in the UK. So, a VPN requirement is a must in this regard. But we have sorted that out for you above, so you’re good to go in that regard.

All left for you to do is create an atmosphere, and don’t forget to bring in your snacks; we prefer you use the healthier alternative to keep yourself intact. 


  • Gaming

Thanks to remote working, one has all the time in the world to indulge in all their favorite activities, like gaming. Though we would be careful in spending so much time in front of the screen, there isn’t anything better to do, right? And you are not even tired from your commute, which means that you can easily spend an hour or two in front of your screen gaming with your buddies. 

Moreover, gaming can become a good source of earning as well in times where everyone can do with a side business or some cash. It may even help you reinvent yourself and venture out into a new hobby that you never knew existed. Currently, you will find various users out there who are making millions by reviewing and playing games online via live streams. They have become professional gamers who have created their own franchise with it. 

If you look from a professional and creative mindset, this may even turn out to be one of the best opportunities for you to have something of your own. With the current job situations, numerous people are either looking for a stable job or a stable course of income, it can become one for you too, which is a great way to make a living, doing what you love and bringing it a notch up. The only thing to look out for is that it shouldn’t be in excess as hobbies can turn into obsessions soon. 


  • Virtual Parties

No matter what, even during a pandemic, one can have their desired social gatherings virtually, creating a sense of companionship while maintaining a circle of safety around oneself. And again, this is something that one will look forward to. In the digital era, with various gadgets available, one can now easily create a zoom meeting and gather up all the friends and families for a virtual dinner or party. This will prevent you from working overtime just because you can and maintain a healthy schedule even after work. 

Moreover, these virtual parties are the only way for you to keep that social interaction intact. What makes these parties so important is to create a similar environment as you had before Covid struck the earth. That sense of similarity from the past will make you have something to look forward to and ensure that there is a way for you to have all that you had before, the life, socializing, and interaction. It may not be the same as it used to be, but it is something, which is more than enough in current times. 


  • Fitness Channels

There is more to YouTube than just makeup gurus and their dramas, with the current situations in the surroundings. One must avoid going to gyms and not use public fitness centers. Instead, make use of all the numerous channels available online that feature workout regimes and tutorials of different lengths and capacities based on your requirements. And while you can only stream sports instead of playing them, there are various ways through which you can exercise at home. 

These fitness tutorials and channels are run by professionals, which means that they know what they are doing and you are in good hands. All these fitness exercises are a great way to unwind yourself after a tough day at work and to create the movement in your body that you were used to at work or by going to the gym every day. A healthier lifestyle ensures an even better mental health scenario and creates a better balance in life other than just sitting all day at work. 

Plus, these channels also suggest you to take care of your meals and prepare a set meal plan to follow that is not only easy but also less time-consuming, making it a hassle-free affair while you manage work. 


Final Thoughts

There is no perfect work-life routine these days; things are hectic now that life and responsibilities have peaked with time. But it is in our hands to manage and see if we can create a better situation out of it or not. The methods mentioned above are some of the most essential technological uses we can utilize to create a comparatively better working environment

One can always find flaws and faults in anything; the most important things are to be content about what you have and how one can make it better. Working from home is hard, but one must take a stand themselves to create a balance for the sake of their own mental well-being, and the ways mentioned above happen to be one of those ways which will help you get your life back on track as you work hard trying to make it through the days. 


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