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How Much Does It Cost to Make an iPhone App?

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Almost all the mobile app development companies are receiving emails and getting calls to ask for quotes to develop an iPhone application. Providing an exact quote of developing an iPhone app without a lot of discussions is not easy.

Developing a regular application or website is not as easy as it sounds and estimating an exact amount without any detailed information of the app, like features and functionalities to include, what kind of application to develop, number of screens to target, and more.

In addition to this, how the application looks and feels can also make a huge difference in the cost and time period that will be required to develop it. Here, we are glad to share an approximate cost of developing an iPhone application that can give you a good idea of how much money you need to raise in order to develop your idea.

Below, we have outlined the amount that you need to build an iPhone app considering different points in mind:

Kind of Application That You Want to Develop

Do you know that there are different kinds of application that are divided into four major groups? Each of these groups are different and require a different style of programming from one another. Depending on the amount of work that involved in developing, below mentioned apps are divided accordingly:

Simple Applications:

When it comes to talking about simple apps, it only covers 3 to 4 screens and serves one basic function that can range from £1,000, to £7,000. Moreover, these types of applications do not store any kind of data about your users. App Starter, Simple Pomodoro, etc. are the examples of simple applications.

Database & API Apps:

If you want to have one such application that stores information on the users’ device or on a remote server, it will be quite difficult. Database/API apps allow your users to save lists, sign-in, register or sync their data or information between varied devices. These types of apps generally cost between £5,000 and £30,000. Elevatry, Headspace are some of the examples of database apps.

Multi-featured or Enterprise Apps:

Multi-featured or enterprise applications are playing the biggest role for your business. These types of applications enable users to access your business information on any iOS device or web-browser.

Moreover, the apps may also deliver various other features and the app’s interface design is fully modified to give an immersive experience to users. The cost of developing these types of apps is £30,000 and upwards. Evernote, Facebook, etc. are some of the best examples of multi-featured apps.

Gaming Apps: There are different types of gaming apps and the range in complexity of game apps is extreme. From simple game to complex games, there is a demand for all types. Moreover, games can also range in cost from £7,000 to £200,000.

Features and Functionalities That You Want to Include

At the time of estimating the cost of developing an iPhone app, the most important thing that you need to consider is features and functionalities that you wanted to include in the app.

Enormous features are there that related to technical complications, and most of you might be looking for such technical features in your app so that you make it stand out from your competitors’ apps. Let’s have a look at the common features that you want to include:

Back-end Development:

Talking about backend development, the backend is an operating system, allowing API to exchange data between a user of a mobile app and a database.

Third-Party Integrations:

Do you know that some of the functionalities in mobile apps require integration with third-party libraries, frameworks and services? There are different functionalities like payment features, social media sharing abilities, etc. require APIs.

In-app Purchase:

When it comes to talking about the in-app purchasing functionality, it allows you to take various forms in different apps with functional features. Integration into an interface and methodologies. Considered as quite difficulty functionality, in-app purchase requires a lot of tasks to perform in order to implement it.

Using Hardware Components:

Today’s smartphones are equipped with varied hardware components like accelerometers, heart rate sensors, NFC, gyroscopes, Bluetooth, GPS, barometers and more. However, the hardware set also varies that depend on the device’s type and manufacturer. It also affects the cost of developing an application.

Admin Panel Development:

An admin panel is the most useful tool, which makes it a lot simpler to operate apps, manage users and content, and more. It is quite difficult to find a flexible and quality admin template. Moreover, creating a custom solution unique to your business requirements that might be more efficient.

Have a look at the approximate costs for the common features:

  • Social Media Integration – $380 to $1250 – This integration allows users to tweet and post on Facebook.
  • In-App Purchases – $1250 to $3813.90 – Apple allows you to charge users for extra downloads and services from within the app using in-app purchases.
  • Game Center – $1020 – In case, if you are going with the game development and looking forward to registering it with Apple’s Game Center.

Number of Screens That You Want to Target

With the constant increasing in the number of screens’ devices in the market, you need to target an application for more and more screens.

The more screens an application has, the richer experience users will get. But the design work is required in order to target different screens.

In addition to this, the more screens mean that there are different ways obtainable to navigate through the app.

Moreover, the app translates in varied programming time required to serves the different screens’ needs, which can be selected by a user through the app.

Custom Design and Animations

As we all know that custom user interfaces are difficult to implement; therefore, the cost would be quite higher compared to the price of developing standard components.

However, on the web, you can find a lot of guides that explains different approaches to UI design and suggests, where you can choose custom and standard UI components.

Post-Release Funds

The cost of developing a mobile application is not only comprised of the funds that you spend on the actual development activities. You should also consider the amount that you spend after the development like on updates, customer support, backend services maintenance, cloud hosting, legal support and more. Apart from this, you should also consider marketing and promotion expense and comprehend app analytics and AARRR.

So, these are the different points that affect the cost of developing an iPhone application. While estimating the cost, you should keep all these points in your mind.

If you want to get your own iPhone application with desired features and functionalities, you can hire an experienced iPhone app development company that has already developed iPhone apps.

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