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Great Variety in Sales Skills and Business Studies Online 2016

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Looking to become a more savvy business owner with the know-how needed to navigate the complex modern market? This can be a daunting task. The field of marketing and sales comes with its own set of vocabulary and there’s always activity changing the landscape of the economy, but the rewards of furthering your education in this sphere are great.

To make this process more manageable, there are online courses made available to those with the drive to learn and succeed. Online classes range from the free that don’t offer college credit or require enrollment, to classes that offer college credit, require a payment and additional software for enrollment. These classes are beneficial whether you’re part of a business and entrepreneur skills are part of your job, or you are simply interested in becoming more familiar with business.

Below is a sampling of some online professional sales training programs.

The Sales Board

The Sales Board is a great place to start furthering your sales education. This is because although they have programs that require a payment, they also have a lot of free resources on their website. This gives you the chance to investigate the style of the website and their lessons before making any commitments to their programs.

Their programs that require a fee include an Action Selling course, the Concentrated Sales Certification Course, and the “Selling Your Price” Sales course. These courses come with training DVDs that allow for a more interactive experience. Sales Board is special because of their focus on topics that everyone can benefit from, like classic selling errors and building loyalty.

Engage Selling Solutions

Engage Selling Solutions is a Canada-based business management consultant founded by Colleen Francis. Their programs can be customized to your business team or organization specifically with their Custom Team Training service. They also have a Sales Accelerator Program that is made up of quick 5 minute videos work to keep students informed and on top of the latest sales strategies. You can enroll in these programs on the Engage Selling website, where they provide example lessons that you can watch before making a final purchase. These courses are perfect for those looking to increase their prospecting productivity and improve closing ratios.

Kaplan College

Learning sales techniques is important for many professions. If you are looking to enter the market from a real estate angle, Kaplan College offers real estate study online at This will give you a sales education specifically tailored to the real estate business. The goal of Kaplan’s program is to qualify students to meet state requirements and prepare them to pass the necessary exams to get a real estate license. Simply go to the website, choose your state and find which classes work most easily around your schedule.

They offer different packages for students that vary in price from $199 to $649. Each package clearly states how many of the required education credit hours it satisfies. They make it easy to get your real estate license online by offering a variety of educational delivery formats that can work around busy schedules. In addition to Kaplan’s OnDemand review courses, they have a Live Classroom review and a Textbook Home Study course. Their program is offered in 20 states and gets positive reviews from the students who have taken the course.

RAIN Group

RAIN Group offers a number of various sales training programs that are available online at to both individuals and groups. Programs like their Sales Mastery Program offer a comprehensive look at how to approach more complex sales. Other programs they offer focus on leadership and management, sales negotiation, consulting services, and even AEC services. Their selling skills tips are practical and easy to implement.

Rapid Learning Institute

The Rapid Learning Institute is special because they offer free resources that cover sales techniques and give an insightful look at how to manage a business. They try to keep their lessons short and rich with their quick take training modules clocking in at just six to 10 minutes long. Their automated system makes it easy to assign, train and track progress on the variety of subjects they teach. Rapid Learn also lets students start with a free trial, which makes it easier to see if the program is suited to you.

Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training is a business that makes live online sales courses available. Their courses focus on appealing to buyer motives, learning how to close more sales, creating presentations, building strong relationships with new customers and more. Businesses and entrepreneurs alike can also benefit from the certificate programs at Dale Carnegie. By collaborating with universities, Dale Carnegie Training can grant certificates in specific areas like sales management or organizational leadership that can make you stand out. Their live online courses are available through telephone or computer depending on the course. The length of these courses also varies from one hour to 12, and price adjusts accordingly with longer classes costing more money. However, they do offer a free one hour class.

Power Sales University

Finally, Power Sales University offers 24/7 interactive online sales training. Their online curriculum includes interactive sales training modules that prepare students for selling over the phone and face-to-face. A PDF of their course outline is available on their website so potential students can investigate the program thoroughly before signing up for it. Power Sales generally gets very positive reviews from students but is only for those with an interest in a detailed training. The program is 27 months long, which ensures a detailed and comprehensive sales education. By the end of the program you will be a sales person with finely-tuned, great sales techniques. Their courses can be accessed via computer, iPad or tablet.

With all of these courses so easily accessible online, it is easier than ever for those with an interest in business to widen the scope of their knowledge. Especially with the great variety between courses, programs are becoming more compatible with busy schedules and more suited to specific situations. By gaining business knowledge, students are improving themselves and creating a strong community of workers who actively take part in and contribute to building a healthy, more stable economy.

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