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Amazon EBC And Everything That’s Great About It

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Imagine you’re a buyer. Like 55% others who resort to Amazon when looking for a product, you too take to this platform to find and purchase your desired product, say, a backpack. When you enter the word backpack into the Amazon search bar, you’ll notice that hundreds of listings pop up. Now that’s a lot of options to choose from. You open up the first 5 listings. How will you compare them to finally decide on one? You’ll probably notice the product image first and shortlist the listings that are worth considering. Next? You’ll go to the description or the product copy to know more about the product, wouldn’t you? 

Now, as a seller, you need to put up detailed content, preferably with interesting elements that not only educate your consumers about the product but actually intrigue them to go for it. The best way to do that? Enhanced Brand Content (or EBC), which is so much more than the usual product copy content. 

It is basically a tool that allows Amazon sellers to organize their listings using enhanced text placements along with the use of interesting images and infographics. 

And you know what a brilliantly organized Amazon product listing means. More sales! So why not give it a try? But first, let’s learn all there is to know about it.

Unlike Amazon A+ content, the EBC is totally free of cost. 

Fact #1: Unlike Amazon A+ content, the EBC is totally free of cost. 

Yes, it’s different from the A+ content 

Most people confuse A+ content with Amazon EBC content. While they both serve the same purpose, they are still two different features. A+ content is only available on Amazon Vendor Central and it was introduced before EBC. Sellers who are on Amazon Seller Central were unable to access this premium paid service. Later, this service became available on Seller Central and was named EBC. 

Here are some major differences between A+ content and EBC:

  • EBC is free while A+ Content is paid. 
  • EBC consists of total 5 seller modules while A+ content has about 12 different basic modules. 

Benefits of using the Amazon EBC:

  • A number of readymade listing templates along with a custom template allows you to mix and match various methods of content and image placements. In other words, it gets your creative juices flowing, eventually allowing you to come up with great stuff to stand out. 
  • Improved Amazon listings not only attract more customers but also rank higher in the search results, thus increasing the chances of getting more conversions. 
  • EBC helps a lot in boosting the ROI, especially if one uses a paid Amazon advertisement. This is because a product listing with EBC makes up for a great landing page, which improves the chances of your visitors converting into paying customers. 
  • Your return rate naturally declines when you use enhanced brand content. Since you put up all the possible product information, you leave no scope for missing details, which helps the buyer in making an informed decision. 
  • It greatly enhances customer engagement and a neatly organized product listing also increase the session time which is a must for better conversions. 

Fact #2: Amazon EBC is still evolving and a number of new and interesting features such as videos, image alt text (which is good for SEO) are expected to be introduced soon. 

How to set up Amazon EBC:

The possibility of increased conversions and a stronger brand authority sure sounds intriguing, right? Well, here’s how you can go about using EBC for your Amazon product listing:

  1. To start with, make sure your brand is registered with Amazon Brand Registry. 
  2. Find out the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of a certain product by logging in to your seller central and going straight to ‘Manage Inventory’. 
  3. Next, click on ‘ Advertising’, and then go to the Enhanced Brand Content tab.
  4. Paste the copied SKU under the heading ‘Create an EBC detail page’ and then click on ‘Get Started’.
  5. Choose a template

Setting up EBC is a very simple process, thanks to the numerous readymade templates from Amazon. A total of 5 readymade templates are provided along with a custom template. 

  • Rose: This one starts with a banner image along with 2 rows of headers, followed by text.
  • Tulip: It allows 4 rows of title, text, and two images. 
  • Lily: This template contains a large image along with a header, followed by text.
  • Orchid: This one contains a banner image, 4 rows of titles, followed by text and two images. 
  • Sunflower: This one comes with 2 large images with a header, followed by text.

A custom template is also available that allows you to use individual modules and design your product listing the way you wish. Although the first 2 modules are locked, the other 5 are configurable. 

  1. Once you have selected an appropriate template, you can then go forward and input your high-resolution images, infographics, and content.
  2. After reviewing your content, you can then finally submit your EBC. 

Fact #3: Using a single 3P seller account, you can register multiple brands on Amazon.

Some Do’s and Don’ts:

EBC is amazing, sure, but there is a definite way of using it. You need to make sure that your copy complies with all the rules and is an ideal one for actually bringing in some conversions. 

For example, your EBC content will need approval before it can go live. This approval comes from a team of Amazon professionals instead of a machine, which increases the chances of content rejection. So, if your content violates Amazon’s policies and guidelines, your listing will be rejected.   

That said, here are some simple do’s and don’ts that you must follow to make EBC a success.

The Do’s:

  • There’s a word count limit for your product copy. So, keep the text part under check. 
  • Covering FAQs in your content is a smart move to further answer queries about a certain product and thus combat returns. 
  • Try to follow a storytelling approach with your content. 
  • Your copy must be entirely authentic.
  • Follow the image upload guidelines such as file size limit, etc. Otherwise, your images will not be accepted as a part of the EBC content. 

The Don’ts:

  • Focusing on just SEO writing or keywords.
  • Your EBC content is not supposed to contain price related or any kind of promotional content. Just stick to informational content only. 
  • Don’t include time-sensitive product information. 
  • Refrain from using low-quality product images. Take to professional product photo editing to make sure that they are top-notch.  
  • Don’t include any information related to warranties or guarantees. 
  • No links that redirect to other websites outside Amazon.
  • No grammatical or punctuation mistakes. 

So, that’s how awesome Amazon EBC is. The next big step would be to implement it for your Amazon product listings and wait for the magic to begin.

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