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Advanced Contact Center Solutions to Boost E-Commerce Operations

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There are old and established players in the eCommerce segment. Since it is one of the fastest-growing sectors with global retail sales expected to touch $ 4.9 trillion, there are new entrants on the scene.

Even B2B eCommerce sales will exceed $ 6 trillion according to Frost and Sullivan, which means there are ample opportunities for growth. It is also a statistic worth knowing that online businesses lost about $ 756 billion due to poor personalization.

This is a pointer to the need for superior customer experiences in any eCommerce segment, small or large, B2B or B2C. 89% of shoppers stop buying from a store due to poor customer experience.

Delightful customer experience means loyalty and reduced spends. This is what an advanced contact center solution delivers, one that you could get custom made for you.

Beating the IVR Conundrum

Most call centers include IVR as the first point of customer interaction, hoping customers go away satisfied.

Normal IVRs in the garden variety of call center solutions offer one with a simple tree-branch menu which can be quite frustrating for callers.

If IVR is a must-have then pick one that has artificial intelligence infused into it and watch as more customers will delight in IVR interactions. However, be sure your IVR has a direct option for live chat. Live chat tops at 73% in customer satisfaction with social media

Social Media Integration is a Must

Any contact center solution that does not have integrated social media is not worth a second look. 59% of Americans find services through social media is satisfactory for issue resolution and getting queries answered.

There are other uses for social media omnichannel contact center software:

  • Keep watch on various social media to know how many people are “sounding out” others before they decide to buy. Your agents can jump in and grab the nascent lead.
  • By the same token people are also there on social media voicing their grievances about poor quality of products or services. Wade in, address their grievances and come out smelling like fresh roses, ensuring customer loyalty in the process.
  • Call center solutions incorporate the outbound campaign management feature. Campaigning means cold calling, which need not be the sole support for lead generation. Get custom call center software developed so that you can use not only SMS and voice broadcast but also social media like Instagram and Facebook as lead generation tools. This is absolutely essential for established players in the eCommerce segment and even more so for those who have just started eCommerce operations. Social media campaigns can have a ripple effect and get you better returns compared to cold calling.

More Artificial Intelligence

As the number of customers grows it becomes difficult for even a team of human agents to tackle thousands of callers and satisfy customers. One workaround is to use more of artificial intelligence in custom made contact center software:

  • Intelligent bots: Routine chatbots give routine responses. Intelligent bots are first-line customer response tools of the future. Get them now in custom developed call center software. You will find that such bots usually take care of a large number of routine inquiries besides assisting those with more specific issues such as advice on buying a certain product.
  • Call distribution: Call distribution in normal software works on predefined logic. Use AI-powered skill-based mapping and call distribution for smart channeling of calls to agents with specific skills. This results in better customer experience and first call resolution.
  • Intelligence: E-commerce operators, whether small and new or large and well established, need intelligence to stay on top and artificial intelligence-powered solutions deliver actionable intelligence through granular analysis of calls and interactions.
  • Languages: Ecommerce operations can be international. You have China’s Alibaba, AliExpress, and Banggood as fine examples of eCommerce delivering products across the world. Language can become a problem for customer service, easily and smoothly handled by using AI language translation capabilities.

Always Available

Fresh and seasoned eCommerce operators will find that being available always is a good way to satisfy customers. 58% of people surveyed preferred to shop online because of a 24×7 facility. Naturally, they expect services to be available 24×7.

Use intelligent contact center software that will divert calls to personnel with specific skills, regardless of whether they are present in the office or not. Agents can use their smartphone for response and take it to greater heights with a face to face virtual talk.

Why WebRTC is so Important

WebRTC is an easy way to engage in audio and video chats and conferences. Plus, it permits video within video and exchange of documents, which is great for customer support.

Another thing that works in its favor is that you can put aside the IPPBX based solution and simply opt for leaner WebRTC contact center software, ideal for startups.

Get it customized and you and your small band of employees can serve customers any time and all the time regardless of where you are located.

Larger eCommerce operators will find customization will result in more capable contact center software that becomes a prime driver for customer experience. Likewise, startups in eCommerce can enjoy a pared-down version even as they grow and add more modules.

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