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Adobe’s Magento Commerce Cloud Deserves More Attention

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If you find people saying that Magento Commerce Cloud is underrated and deserves more attention, then believe them because they are telling the truth. A year or two ago when the same product was freshly brewed, reviews were just the opposite. This time, Magento has come a long way with the product. Shopify is getting overrated while Magento plays second fiddle to Shopify when it is about market attention and exposure. Today, Magento Cloud is a deserving product for your attention.

Adobe has been taking steps to enhance its product under the radar. It has released the cloud support, created an appealing cloud roadmap, integrated several Adobe solutions within Cloud for added value, etc. Now Cloud has a great CMS tool along with Page Builder CMS.

Moreover, Magento Cloud Edition is enhancing its dev-ops, monitoring, and comprehensive enterprise tooling for software development. This is the leap taken by the Adobe over Shopify since it is harder to have premium best practices DevOps on Shopify. This is a big problem as user tries and scales to extremely delicate infrastructure and this is something that every eCommerce website will need to go through at some point in their life cycle of scale.

Many Reasons Explain Why Magento Cloud Needs Your Attention

  1. Rapid enhancements 

Adobe Commerce Cloud or Magento Cloud is getting better at a faster rate. Adobe understands the cloud practice well. They know the more profits come from controlling the full stack. In return, the company expects users to move to the cloud. This is the reason why they are emphasizing on enhancing the latest version of Magento faster to make it more valuable and considerable option by more businesses.

  1. Follow the GMV

Most of the GMV of any eCommerce platform gets powered by Magento. Yes, more than you can imagine! The reason behind this is that Magento has some greater sites which are bringing bulk business.

Magento Cloud is supported by the leading platform when it comes to gross eCommerce volume and this won’t be changing anytime sooner.

  1. Strongest Community of Agencies and Developers 

Magento is supported by a strong community of developers which is been there for over a decade now. The community has several agencies, developers, and customers that are always interested to talk about the latest trends, provide great tips and even solve issues of others related to the Magento platform. This community is rich in data, which is further extremely useful for those who are searching for support or assistance related to the platform.

There is no doubt that your company has picked up the best platform available to it, but what to do if your in-house software team is delaying and not picking up the speed with the platform’s best practices. This will cost the business in the long run and may generate the need for hiring a digital agency to help with it.

The only issue here is that it is tough to justify newbie in the community since you need a more talent to work with.

  1. Ecosystem of themes and extension 

Magento is not just a platform. It is a hub of themes and extensions and add on that are pre-built and mature in the ecosystem. For instance, Vertex and DotDigital have been in the Magento Marketplace for a long time. The vast range of additional services will give you a cost-cutting experience. Integrating standing Magento technologies, services, and add-ons will just skip the need for customizing the tools and the saved time can be used efficiently for different operations.

  1. Enterprise for both B2C and B2B

The issue with SaaS platforms like Shopify is that they are not intended to scale extreme complexity levels. These systems cannot be entirely custom made. Magento is a robust option for both B2C and B2B since it offers unique features and a vast community of extension to both.

  1. Magento Cloud has great control and enterprise DevOps 

Many SaaS or Cloud products come with limited custom options. This sometimes creates trouble when the ability to customize the website gets affected. Since your site is your baby that requires continuous attention and support, Magento can be a better solution for easy customization.

Magento will be more wrapped in the suite of products of Adobe. Magento Developers can expect more enhancements and improvements over time.

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