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Discover the Truth with Spy App Technology

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You’re never truly safe nowadays, are you? Everywhere you turn, someone might be eavesdropping on your conversations, following you to see where you’re going or keeping an eye on you to make sure you’re not making trouble.

Heck, the NSA has been actively spying on citizens – it’s not a James Bond movie, it’s real life. And because the line between the two has gotten so blurry, perhaps it’s time for us all to equip ourselves with spy app technology. That’s right, certain apps will allow you to stay on top of the situation and spy right back.

Have you ever felt like you are being lied to? That your spouse is cheating? That someone is not telling you the truth about what we’re doing or where you’re going? What are they hiding? And most importantly, why? Especially if it’s something concerning you, you have the right to learn the truth. And if no one is willing to tell you, you can discover it on your own, by making use of spy app technology.

Identify unknown callers

Receiving calls from hidden numbers is not only annoying, but it can be dangerous. Who is this person and why do they feel the need to conceal their identity? Nothing good can ever come of this because it means they have something to say that cannot be said to your face, or attached to their real name.

The old school solution would have been just automatically to block unknown callers, but you can do something even better: install an app that will identify these “secret” callers. This way, you can learn the truth about their identities and their hidden motives for calling you. Is it a friend? Is it an enemy? Is it an enemy who poses as a friend? Find out!

Gather photographic evidence – incognito

Sometimes, you have to go on private investigator duty, if you want to find out the truth. You know what they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And to be able to prove the infidelity, lies or hidden agendas, you need proof.

By far, the easiest and most incontestable evidence is photographic one, but for that, you need to take pictures without anyone else realizing what you are doing. Thankfully, there’s a way around that. There’s an app that will conceal your camera background, allowing you to set a background of your choice in its place. This way, people will have no idea about what you are really doing, and you can gather all the evidence you need to take the liar down.

This message will self-destruct

Investigations are meant to remain secret, so you wouldn’t want to blow your cover while interacting with others, trying to gather valuable information. So, if you’re texting someone about something top-secret, chances are you are going to want to make sure those messages are erased forever so that no one can find out you were fishing for information. Sure, you can take care of that on your end, but what about the other person? There’s an app for that!

This handy spy app introduces a special interface conducive to top-secret communication. Better yet, after a timeframe of your choice, the messages you send back and forth will automatically self-destruct, and no one will ever know they existed. That can be pretty useful when you are trying to make sure you are not at risk of being discovered.

Protect yourself from counter-spies

If you’re spying on someone you suspect of lying, who says that person (or others) isn’t doing the same to you? You can never be too careful with personal and sensitive information, which is why you’re going to want to do everything in your power to protect yourself from counter spies.

iKeyMonitor app is perfect for that because it offers an entire range of services and activities that are meant to protect your info. At the same time, it helps you discover if anyone has been tampering with your personal phone. You can screenshot activity, record passwords, record keystrokes typed in apps, and others. Also, you can switch the service on and off whenever you want and even remotely. This way, you can avoid recording your activity (which you can do incognito). But you can record someone else’s activity in case your phone gets stolen, or you leave it somewhere where curious eyes might try to take a peek.

Secret activity

When you’re trying to gather information and learn the truth, you’re going to have to make a lot of calls, send messages, track people down, etc. But all that remains logged in your phone, for others to potentially discover, thus blowing your cover and jeopardizing your entire operation. There’s a way around that, through a spy app that automatically deletes call logs and hides your phonebook from nosy people. This way, you and your activity are protected, as well as the contacts that have risked supplying you with the information you needed. No one else needs to know about your secret activity until you can prove that you know the truth.

Location tracking

One of the most useful things you can do with a spy app is to track someone’s location. This comes in handy in a variety of different occasions and it’s so easy to catch someone in a lie this way.

Is that person really going where they say they are? All you have to do is give them a call and track their location. Why are they lying? What are they hiding? This way, you can check if someone is telling the truth, without having to follow them and risk being discovered. They will have no idea that you are tracking them, but you will know everything about where they are.

And if you feel like doing more investigation, you can then show up at the location, take some incognito pictures and confront them with the incontestable evidence of their betrayal.

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