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10 Amazing Cloud Storage Technologies for This Season

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Have you ever been in a situation where you lose all your vital information because it was not backed up? This is where cloud storage technology comes to play, so cloud storage is the safekeeping of information or data online. 

There is maintenance, effective management, proper archive, security, and the provision of multiple servers and locations online for your data. You are able to access it anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. You can’t afford to lose your data at any time, so keeping your information safe and well organized is the order of the day.

Cloud technology can be Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud storage, hence these are 10 amazing cloud storage technology that will add advantage, personally and business-wise.


Dropbox is a storage technology that offers cloud storage facility. A workspace that manages and reduces busywork so that you can be able to do other things that matter. Your data is well organized in an effective and efficient way. Your data is Properly synchronized and backed up so that you can have access to it anywhere online.

Your data is kept safe and protected, getting focused on the thing that matters, makes you stay up to date on your recent work.

Dropbox gives you access to edit your work and makes rooms for friends to submit their documents in one place which is possible by creating a central Dropbox folder to upload their files.

Dropbox basic service is free to use with initial 2GB storage, you can also upgrade for additional features and extra storage space.

Google Drive

Google Drive amongst other cloud storage technology is special in storing your personal data. It gives you free 15GB free storage which you can also upgrade through a paid plan. 

Google Drive gives its users access to offline services to view files that are saved online when there is bad network service. Easy scanning of documents by snapping the documents, then google drive helps you store it in PDF form.

Media Fire

Media fire is cloud storage that is for storing and synchronizing documents, photos, music, movies, online in one place. Media fire makes you upload multiple files at once from any internet browser and organizes the files in a file manager which makes the search for files easier. 

Media Fire also makes sharing files seamlessly. Recipients are able to share further. You have access to the initial free storage of 10gb and can be increased to 50gb to get more space. This makes Media fire unique.


iCloud is a cloud-based storage service by apple. Documents, videos, photos, Files, and Music are securely stored. Streaming movies, playing games, streaming music, downloading files, upload, and sharing are made possible on any Apple device or a computer with internet access. You can enjoy 5GB storage space that is upgradable to Back up or synchronize larger data. Sign up for an iCloud account and have your data protected, safe, and secured.

This is another unique cloud storage technology used to back up data. It is unique, based on the fact that you are able to recover deleted files, so in case you mistakenly deleted an important file helps you easily recover them.

Your data are stored in what is called Sync Vault. Users select a file, select copy to the vault, then your data and document are backed up and properly stored. You will initially have a storage capacity of 5GB and you can increase it at any time the need arises.


Onedrive is another excellent cloud storage technology that comes with free 5GB storage used to store your files and document in one place, and can be accessed anywhere and at any time from any device. Users of OneDrive need to sign-up to Microsoft to have easy access to their account, you can also create an excel survey and save in OneDrive.  


Egnyte is a Hybrid cloud storage solution of data for business and enterprise that provides storage and file sharing locally. 

Egnyte provides backup services which are good for collaboration, you can store documents, emails, software, slideshows, and videos online, manage shared folder online, and set restriction and permission for your folders. 

Egnyte for business has a flexible storage plan. Good customer support service, file support, effective security to keep your files safe.


Hightail is an excellent cloud storage technology for professionals around the world, used to share a secured and controlled file which is easily accessible.

Any size of files can be sent via a mobile device or your computer and can control who can view the files. You can also choose who to permit for updating and editing, assign unique sharing links with partners and clients for project folders. Storage is unlimited for both mobile and desktop. 


Pcloud is a cloud storage technology platform that allows a safe and secure storage facility for your documents, files, images, movies, etc on the internet, with easy access to your file whenever you need it.

Pcloud provides you with 10GB initial storage capacity which is upgradable. 

Pcloud helps in monitoring your activities, uploading files automatically. High level of encryption for your confidential files, work together with friends on every file, efficient and effective collaboration.


Zoolz is a cloud storage technology that is uniquely different from others with powerful cloud storage benefits for small businesses, it makes storing files easy and convenient.

The interesting part is that support for users is unlimited. High speed to upload and download files of any size, files are securely backed up and easily accessible whenever you need it.


Cloud storage is the most used storage be it private, personal, and business. This can provide you a lot of benefits, such as security, storage capacity, convenience, timely accessibility, proper management, effective and efficient networking.

You don’t have to go around with hard drives to keep your information, make use of any of these cloud storage technology, and see the positive impact.  

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