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5 Awesome Cloud Storage Services For Small Business

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Cloud computing is becoming one of the most popular alternatives for the often expensive and time consuming local computing. The main difference between these is in the way they operate – with local computing you must actually own the device, all its parts and software, have it configured and maintain it afterwards, while with cloud computing you have access to all your data via the internet.

Cloud computing services are becoming extremely popular and recent surveys suggest that in US alone, more than 80% of business owners are wither using cloud applications, platforms or infrastructure or they are looking to purchase.

If you are small business owner, you probably don’t have tons of money to invest in IT services and infrastructure to make a safe vault for all important data you have. You need flexible solution that comes at low cost, but still enables you to take advantage of the cloud.

Here are the top 5 cloud storage services for small business

#1. Just Cloud

Just Cloud offers flexible cloud storage service, which enables you to create a free account and host unlimited files for free. You will receive 500 GB storage space, which is enough to store your files for quite some time. If you need an upgrade you can get it for a reasonably low price – just $19.95

#2. LiveDrive

This service is suitable for small business owners, who have larger files to store. If you need to store videos and photos for example, 500 GB will run out pretty fast, so with LiveDrive you can get extremely fast cloud storage space of 2 TB or more. The best thing about LiveDrive is that you will be able to get your money back 30 days after ordering and also instant activation for your storage account.

#3. Crashplan

Backing up company data is a necessity these days and with Crashplan you can take advantage of an awesome application for both local and cloud backups. The company behind Crashplan, Code42 currently operates 8 datacentres worldwide, ensuring maximum access speed and backup security.

You can choose between 500 GB and 4 TB storage space, making it perfect for any kind of business. The interface of Crashplan is also quite intuitive, easy to use and if you still experience problems with the application you can contact the top-notch support.

#4. Zip Cloud

Zip Cloud is one of the few companies offering unlimited cloud storage for an extremely low price – just $4.95 per month. If you are still not sure about whether to go for Zip Cloud you can always sign up for their 14 day trial and see if the application will work for you.

#5. Dropbox

There is no doubt that Dropbox is the simplest cloud storage solution available and allows you to choose from a wide range of storage space available. You can also sign up for a free account in Dropbox and get a few GBs of free space. If you invite your other team members to sign up for Dropbox, you will get extra free space for life.

Dropbox offers flexible business storage accounts labelled as Dropbox for teams. These are suitable for any business size, ensuring optimal encryption and data security on reasonably low price.

Why businesses must take advantage of the cloud?

If you are still not convinced whether to introduce cloud storage in your company, watch the video below to uncover more benefits of using the cloud.


Source: Mark Hurd of Oracle

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