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9 Suggested Features For An iPad Task Management App

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An iPad task management app helps users to list down their tasks in the form of a list, on a paper-like application. Users can strike out the task once completed and adding tags to a task make it easier for users to locate the individual activities. Such an iPad task management app enables users to keep track of their daily activities and avoids missing the important ones.

There are too many task management apps flooding the App Store. You might have different expectations while using a range of task management apps. Remember, a task management app, with its core functionality, should organize your projects, tasks, or even notes. However, there are lots of other functionalities, which make such a simple app interesting enough to use.

We have created a range of task management apps. Based on what we feel required in such an app, let us discuss the features that you could integrate, offering a complete solution to the users. Before we start with our discussion, you need to be clear about your goals behind creating such an app. We will discuss features that might or might not be useful to you. However, we will still be discussing it, since we want you to create a complete app, not just offering a utility aspect, but also fun aspects as well.

#1. Welcoming your users with an interactive message

Imagine, a user opening up your app, and see an animation popping up welcoming him/her. Alternatively, what if your app displays a nice welcome message in the form of an everyday quote, or presented in an aesthetic text style, grabbing user eyeballs on the first impression. It may sound small, but a welcome message plays a pivotal role in establishing the first-hand connection with the users.

#2. Offer a relevant presentation style for interface

How about users see a notebook with a binder when they open your app? Alternatively, how about reminding users of their email inbox? When you present your app in the form of a real life practical interface, users connect easily with your app with an eagerness to check out what is more in store with the app. A split-style setup is ideal, wherein the folders should be present on the left-hand side, and tasks on the right-hand side.

#3. Make the usability factor a cakewalk for users

Let users start creating their tasks right away, with a simple “Create Task”, or “Create Your First Task” button. Making use of more communicative text on Call to Actions, will simplify things a lot more, and even let users connect on a personal level, such as “I want to create a task” or “Let me create a task”. Keep fewer folders as much as possible in order to avoid any kind of confusion.

You can wrap things within four default folders like All, Urgent, Starred, and Inbox. All tasks will store all complete, as well as incomplete tasks. An urgent folder will store all the tasks marked with tags @undone, @today, and @tomorrow. Starred folder will store all your tasks marked with @done tag. The Inbox will store reminders for all your completed tasks, and even informing you of the uncompleted tasks you need to complete today.

#4. Using tags effectively to differentiate between tasks

Make use of 4 different default keywords based tags to have a quick access to the tasks – @done, @undone, @today, @tomorrow. Let your app associate these tags automatically with a specific task, based on start date, end date, start time, and end time, of a particular task. Allow users to create their own tags, associating the tasks with a specific activity, so that it becomes easier to access the same in the future. Say for example, if the task related to cleaning the house, users can create additional tags as @home, @cleaning, @homecleaning, or even more. This will help users to see the task, even if checked months after the execution.

#5. Provide option for storing tasks using online cloud services

Offer users to save their tasks in Word or Excel formats, on online cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. This way their tasks remain intact, even if the app uninstalled, smartphone formatted, or an unexpected bug or error showing up.

#6. Tasks should sync easily between devices when making a transition

Users have a common tendency to move between their iPhone and iPad. Whether using such an app on an iPad, or moving to iPhone for accessing the same, the tasks should not just appear the same, but also sync when moving between devices.

#7. Offer a range of themes for foreground and background

How exciting it is to have a new theme in place, whenever using a “ToDo” app. With new themes changing on an auto mode or changed manually by the users, there is always a feeling of using the app for the first time. Offer as many themes as possible to select from, so that users never feel bored of your app, leading to a long-term retention of existing users. Bringing new themes with regular updates will not just retain the users already engaged with your app, but also bring in more users through word of mouth, ratings, and reviews.

#8. Have a search box incorporated within the app

This is where the users search for all the historical tasks, specific tasks already done, or has to be done in near future. Using the search functionality, you can directly jump on to the relevant task, without scanning through the folders, or task list. This is where the tags come into play. When you search for a specific task, the search box will not just scan the keywords within the task title or description, but will also check out the tags associated with the task.

#9. Insert filters, making the search process easier than ever

Search filters help to scrutinize tasks based on alphabetical order, date, time, priority or more. Sometimes, you need to go through particular tasks starting from a specific alphabet, set in order in a specific month, see what tasks to be performed during nighttime and tasks set to more priorities. In such cases, search filters will help you to see only relevant results at the top of the list, enabling you to act upon a task faster for completion.

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