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9 Recruitment Essentials to Follow While Hiring a Mobile App Developer

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When recruiting a mobile app developer, it is necessary to understand that the app development process has its own set of do’s and don’ts, just like any business process with pros and cons. Especially, when you have to deal with outsiders, it adds a complete new layer of complexity, to be tackled cautiously.

A checklist of parameters helps you deal with this complexity. Just jot down points that you need to discuss while in talks with external app developers, especially when dealing with iPad apps requiring expertise. Imagine yourself sketching out a process template that has all the technical specifications and requirements.

Evaluation of people whom you are dealing with firsthand is critically important because of lack of trust and compatibility. Both parties do not know each other. Hence, they are also unaware about each others needs and expectations. This creates a sort of communication gap between the two.

That is the reason for keeping a checklist with important points for analyzing app developers that will not just help in identifying the right people but also in evaluating them for future collaborations. Let the checklist be designed in such a way that firstly it addresses all your business needs, and then there are elements important to successfully implement the app procurement process.

#1. Have an assessment of what you expect from the app

Initially understand your own expectations from the app. This process brings together all the internal stakeholders within the company or a selected group of external users, who will provide their valuable input in completion of an app. There should be a unanimous alignment between all stakeholders related to budget, timeline, technical specs, features, and needs.

The stage of getting completed in how much time totally depends upon the quick assessment of things by all stakeholders. The idea and strategy validation process helps in enhancing the individual stages to as much an extent as possible.

#2. Establish the kind of relationship you want from developers

There are too many low cost mobile app developers available in the market that are ready to provide you with cookie cutter solutions that are off the shelf or probably lacking in advanced functionalities. Decide what kind of developer you are looking for – the one who just acts as an outside vendor by doing the job and not concerned with your business growth or the one who partners with you in the true sense by taking the responsibility of the entire project by treating it as its own.

When you go for the former option, you cannot expect them to be compatible with you in understanding your needs, and might complete the project on their own terms. While if you go for the latter option, you can have both sides understanding each other in all aspects, letting things flow easier with the app development process; running smoothly as everything is transparent and crystal clear.

#3. A simple questionnaire does the trick

Prepare a questionnaire for developers with psychological questions that will highlight the nature and behavior of the developers. While it is impossible to get a complete knowhow of how the developers are thinking, you can definitely have a feel for the developer, whether he/she will treat the project as its own or not and more importantly, whether he/she will deliver the project exactly as expected with a positive approach as well as response.

#4. Lay down all the criteria right away

Things need to be made clear beforehand when meeting up with different developers. Lay down all your resources and needs, have discussions on every individual aspect, and try to gauge whether developers are comfortable with your project or not. Clearing things upfront will leave no doubts for later stages, and help you to be firm in deciding to select the best among the lot.

#5. Take time in scrutinizing developer profiles

Do not meet up with every developer you come across. This will consume a lot of your valuable time, simply delaying your project. Try to create a background first. Request their profiles, take time to analyze things present in their resume, be confident about the person, and then arrange for a face to face meeting. Check their reputation from the references provided. Visit their portfolio links and check whether they are responsible for the work done.

#6. Look from every possible perspective

Keep asking questions from the developer regarding any technical aspect or human aspect. Get to know them on both personal and professional levels as much as possible. Bring critical issues in front of them and see how they can solve them. Have a good look at certifications, achievements, and lots of other things.

#7. Go through the shortlisted alternatives

Once you have shortlisted profiles through an in-depth analysis, meet up with them personally, discuss things with them thoroughly, and measure them even more closely for a final review. If they are offshore, connect with them through Skype. Not just you, but let your partners take an interview to get a second or third opinion on whether you are correct or not. Ask for their sample work, or even walk them through a live test example.

#8. Avoid developers who will outsource or do freelancing

You might come across developers who might outsource your work to somebody else in order to reap easy awards, or possibly work on another freelance project in parallel to yours to double their earnings. Such developers are surely not bound to give their 100% to your project, therefore doing injustice with your app.

Moreover, if they outsource externally, your project is now in the hands of someone whom you do not know or you have not even recruited. This allows them to breach your app without your knowledge that might compromise big time on your app security.

In addition, you are now unaware of how your app will turn out to be because it has changed hands and gone to someone you probably never get a chance to meet or talk with.

#9. Test their skills before giving them the undertaking

Before providing them with your ambitious project details, test developers by giving out a pilot project or module, to prove them on all fronts. If they are comfortable enough working with you and can deliver more than you expect, then you can assign an entire project to them.

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