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7 Simple Mobile Marketing Strategies That Pay Off

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With the rapid advancement of technology, marketing to mobile users has turned out to be a necessity for all businesses nowadays. As more and more users are going mobile with every passing day, businesses are continuously devising ways to make the most of the mobile trend.

The mobility trend has been extremely disruptive to the consumers’ everyday lives. As a result, the explosive usage of smartphones and other mobile devices has created a new world of opportunities for businesses.

The most influential aspect of the mobile trend is that it puts all information that a person seeks at his/her hand. Apart from the improved connectivity, the mobile trend also helps in providing an ample number of choices to the consumers and also helps in quickening the decision-making process considerably.

Let’s take a look at some of the effective mobile marketing strategies that you can implement today.

#1. Invest in Mobile Apps

With most online activities shifting to mobile, a web presence is no longer sufficient. The total number of smartphone users is expected to rise to 2.87 million by 2020. This indicates that smartphone apps have turned out to be vital marketing tools for various companies. Therefore, investing in mobile apps can improve the exposure of your business by reaching out to the maximum number of prospective clients.

Mobile apps should be highly engaging to retain customers and generate more leads. If you have a real estate business, you should consider creating 3D mobile apps that can provide a highly immersive experience to customers while viewing properties. This will generate more interest and help in enabling the customers to move forward through the sales funnel.

#2. Use QR Codes

With the mobile crowd growing each day, the usage of QR (Quick Response) codes has been picking up steam. To put it simply, a QR code stores URLs and other important details pertaining to the business. This code can be read by a camera on the smartphone. These codes can be used to compare prices, make transactions, download an app and so on.

For example, Twitter has recently introduced a new QR code that enables the users to find new people and follow them directly without having to search for them.

QR codes are device-independent, highly convenient to use and can be easily tracked with the help of web analytics for measuring the results of the marketing campaigns. Using QR codes helps in sending the valuable information your prospective customers are looking for right at their hands.

#3. Optimise the Content for Mobile

Today’s generation is connected, busy and always on-the-go. In fact, the attention span of an average human being has dropped to 8 seconds. Therefore, what works for the usual digital marketing of your business may not draw equal results for your mobile marketing strategy. So the first step is to make your website responsive.

Now you would need to optimise the content structure you plan on using for your mobile marketing. Short sentences and paragraphs, bullet points, numbered lists, subheads etc. should be utilised for mobile view. You would need to keep in mind that if the reader cannot scan your content quickly, they are quite likely to abandon it.

#4. Utilise the Right Keywords

The keywords that you target for your mobile marketing strategy can determine the success of the campaign. While the keywords you use for your online marketing strategies can be used for mobile marketing, you would also need to include the local area.

Mobile-device users are expected to be on the move constantly and they typically search locally. Your business will be able to receive maximum exposure if you can reach the maximum target consumers by connecting to them no matter where they are. You can take it one step further by including your contact information and a map to your establishment.

#5. Implement Localised Marketing

Personalisation is the new trend that has been generating heaps of revenue for businesses using it well. A highly localised marketing strategy can be used to send personalised discounts and other offers to customers in real-time based on their locations, their activities and their preferences.

For example, the increased personalisation trend facilitated by the beacon technology has been making headlines recently. A beacon is a small device powered by Bluetooth that sends signals to smart mobile devices. These signals are then picked up a relevant app on these devices and understands the location of the customer which helps in delivering hyper-contextual content to the client. Implementing the iBeacon technology can unlock new opportunities for your business.

#6. Harvest Valuable Insights from Data

Data is one of the most important resources in the information-driven world today. There are various ways to collect the data that you need. With the right analysis, this data can be used to know your customers better and find out more about their requirements and preferences. As a result, you can deliver a highly personalised experience to your customers.

Apart from this, data can also be used to identify which marketing efforts are generating positive results and which are not. It would also help you determine which advertising and marketing channels are bringing you maximum profit. Based on this, you can make the necessary tweaks to improve the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign.

#7. Send Time-Sensitive Notifications

There’s a fine line between sending helpful notifications to customers and irritating them. You can either annoy or engage the customers with the notifications you send on their mobile devices depending upon the time you send the alerts to them. For example, sending notifications too early in the day or too late can make your customers irritated.

You can consider allowing your customers to set their own parameters for receiving alerts. In addition to that, you can also send seasonal notifications for the best results. For example, you can send notifications about offers, coupon codes etc. along with a short message to your customers on Christmas.

The mobile marketing strategies are easy to implement and can generate a high return on investment. Numerous companies are already using these mobile marketing strategies to make the most of this trend. It is high time that you start using these to reap the results.

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