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7 Secrets for Improving Your Mobile Commerce Experience

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Even though mobile commerce (mCommerce) is still a niche and very much in its infancy, it is a fast growing niche. Consumers now love the thrill and experience of flipping through their Android or iOS apps and making quick purchases on the move.

In recent years, thanks to the growth in the technologies, it is now possible for many ecommerce stores to build very robust storefronts on the mobile apps and it is also now possible for consumers to do all their shopping with the swipe of their fingers. Location aware technologies make it even easier for stores to location-target potential customers and drive up more sales.

What is changing in Mobile Commerce?

One area where mobile shopping has been quite strong is that it has aided many consumers in the comparison shopping area. Consumers are easily able to browse mobile apps on their devices and discover new brands. It has enabled consumers to be sophisticated and knowledgeable about the products that they purchase. Since mobile is a device that you have on the go, having a mobile commerce shopping cart gives buyers an opportunity to browse on the go and discover all the brands and make comparisons. Many will subsequently be able to purchase with a greater degree of certainty.

There is another important thing about the mobile shopping app which will make it highly appealing to many retailers: high conversion rates. 26% of consumers who have browsed for items via the mobile apps will go on to complete their purchases. The mobile app is, therefore, an important tool for luring and converting consumers. It strongly influences the consumer’s shopping behavior.

The easy mobile payment option has also made the business more successful and has grabbed the increased share of the growing portion of online selling and buying. With the introduction of technologies like big data along with usage of data and business analytics, m-commerce has already made a successful impact in the market and is the new driver of market growth.

There are plenty of things that you can incorporate in your mobile commerce experience in order to improve the buyer experience and the mobile conversions. Here are some of the common techniques that many top performing ecommerce stores have implemented:

#1. Offer a Comparison Shopping Feature

One interesting concept to find when looking into mobile commerce applications for your business is to offer a comparison shopping point that can be used within the mobile app. This can help people see the difference between prices you have and the real-time prices that your competition holds. This offers a fair assessment and helps people see that your prices are better than or at least competitive with what others are offering.

#2. Designing a Mobile App

Mobile apps are nifty little tools that many consumers now love installing on their smart phones. They are increasingly being used as point of sales by many e-retailers. When the app is well done in terms of the interface design, speed and user experience, it can be one of the best ways to generate sales for your eCommerce stores.

#3. Focus On Photography

Good pictures of different products can make all the difference. This makes sense as people often want to get pictorial references of the different things they see when online. A link to an Instagram or Pinterest account can be used on your mobile site, for instance. However, it may be even better to format your pictures so they will include ones that are descriptive and show people whatever it is you want to highlight.

#4. Use Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is one of the top mobile commerce solutions that you could ever add to your business. Geo-targeting works in that you will be marketing your efforts to a customer within a specific location. You can use this by automatically gearing the content you have towards people in certain areas based on what you sell or any specific physical locations that you might have. You can use geo-targeting to make it easier to reach people.

#5. Work With a Strong Shopping Cart

The need to use a sturdy mobile shopping cart can really be important. A mobile cart application can be used on your mobile responsive website to help people add and pay for their items. You may want to use a mobile cart that can handle as many standard procedures and setups as possible. For instance, a good shopping cart can come with support for mobile payment accounts like PayPal accounts.

#6. Offer Condensed Content

This is really the essence of the mobile applications. Content is still king even when it comes to the mCommerce experience. But what kind of content is good for mobile? In this case, you need to simplify it and be as direct as possible. Mobile screens are considerably smaller and readers are not particularly looking for overcrowded content. When offering product descriptions, be brief but as direct as possible. Include the most important information and details about the products.

#7. Offer Regular Alerts

The last idea is to include a section on your mobile site or app that lists information on how to sign up for alerts. You can get alerts sent out to various people to let them know about different discounts you have to offer, new products and so forth. This is a popular part of mobile commerce as it ensures that you will have more people to link up to while having an easier time with highlighting whatever it is you want to do.

Be sure to think carefully when getting a quality plan for mobile commerce going. The mobile commerce solutions that you can use can really make a difference when you understand what you plan on doing to make it all worthwhile so your business can keep growing and thriving.


Your mobile commerce app solutions can make a big difference to your ecommerce business. You can work with social media accounts, email dispatches, and even your own mobile app. These are designed to target the ever-growing number of people who are using mobile devices to shop.

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