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6 Tips For Keeping Your PC Safe While You’re Away

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Sun bathing at the beach, endless rock concert and long trips out of town are just some of the things everyone loves to do every summer. It is indeed the best time of the year! But how can you consider it to be the best if you go back home finding your computer infected with malware. Now that would be a party wrecker.

Don’t worry. Besides shutting off your computer before the start of your summer-get-away, here are some ideas you can do to keep your PC safe from malware.

# 1. Password Security

It is so important to secure your password because it verifies your identity in the virtual world. Although it was made to protect you, it also needs to be protected, and losing your password can cause more chaos.

Today, internet sites helps users in securing their password by asking for longer characters composed of various alphabets, symbols and numerals. The problem however, is that you’ll need to memorize complex passwords for the different sites you’re managing.

Having a password manager would be a help to that. Complex password can be saved in a encrypt form and the password manager will handle everything for you. Nowadays, these so-called managers are already in line with your internet browsers. You can also download a version for your mobile phone.

# 2. Keep unknown emails unknown

Ignoring unknown emails is the best habit you can develop. Malware usually hides behind promotions and ads like a chance to win a huge sum of money, a red sporty car or even a vacation somewhere far.

Spammers always finds new guise for malwares, and sometimes even if you try all means, they just get into your system. The best thing to do here is to ensure that you’ll only click the links that you’re aware of, to keep you malware-free.

# 3. Be mindful of what you Post Online

Everyone, even the old ones can’t get enough of social media. All of us seem to have a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram and other selfie accounts these days. This allows us to connect with our friends and family all over the boarders, which is all good. However, you must be careful of the things you post and be sure to protect yourself from any malicious intent that you may encounter.

There was one instance that happened in Brazil, where a Trojan virus got into one Facebook user by simply clicking a link sent by a friend, and this goes with all other social media sites. Virus developers are getting creative each and every day, so you should think twice before you click a link even if comes from someone that you know.

# 4. Install Anti-Virus 

Although it sounds overrated, it is really important to install anti-virus programs on your computer to have a PC safety from malware. This kind of software helps you detect and prevent malwares and viruses from attacking. It is best to go for paid anti-virus software; however, the free versions are not at all bad. Just be sure to update it every time, especially before you set out for a vacation.

# 5. Learn to back it all up

You’ve tried everything to secure yourself from malware, but it doesn’t seem enough. Well, you can increase your security by frequently backing up your files. Doing so will allow you to easily reboot your computers in case a malicious content gets into your system. Moreover, you’re keeping your files safe from any possible corruption. Besides, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so spending for terabyte-sized hard drive to secure your files would be all worth it.

# 6. Stay away from Computers in Pubic

Summer is indeed the best time to unwind, where you can set yourself free from the busy world out there. However, there would be times that you’ll need to check what is happening in the real world. And as much as you need to check your email or your personal accounts, refrain from going to computer shops because you’re only making yourself vulnerable to other public individuals.

Keep in mind that you don’t have any control on the computer you’re using. For all you know, the computer you’re bound to use is infected – waiting to do you harm. Instead, it’s much better to bring your own gadget and device.

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