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5 Surefire Ways That Maximize Website Conversion Rates

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Do you think owning a business site is enough for your online presence? No, your job is not done! What about the conversion rates? At such a hyper competitive age of Search Engine advertising, you look to squeeze more sales or leads out of your current traffic. How many millions of websites you find on the internet bring real profit to their owners? Web resources are worth it, if it has a good conversion rate. Such rates are calculated as the ratio of a number of visitors who have performed some expected action (order and buy a product) to the total number of visitors.

How do you maximize the conversion rates of a website? Development of the website is critically important to successful conversion rates. A company generating leads online relies on the website to convert their visitors into an ultimate action. But we focus on landing page design for selling the product. Instead, you need to implement the strategies that hike your conversion numbers, otherwise you won’t realize the search engine traffic available for your product or service.

Have you imagined what process social networks like Facebook and Twitter adopt to convert new users with more sign-ups? Let’s check what process they adopt for a good conversion rate.

#1. Achieve successful CTA (Call to action) – Create the environment of curiosity!

Visitors, like a flow of the ocean tide, visit your site and recede out. Being a website owner, you aim at capturing their interest and eventually get a successful CTA before they leave your site.

How to get a successful CTA?

Break down the process and look at it as a flowing movement. You will realize a moment where a visitor will finally decide to click. You need to create the environment that compels and pushes the user towards this moment.

While designing your website, you need to work on CTA buttons and phrases that force the user to click and get potential information. Be innovative or think something out of the box that enhances user experience!

#2. Interactive Landing Page – Structure a framework for your Website!

How users view the web page and interact with content is important. Acquiring a natural flow is not that easy but you need to think about how to interact with a landing page.


Adopting structured information architecture, will allow your website to acquire a content structured in a usable fashion. Your website layout requires healthy information architecture applicable to all forms of digital designs. Prior to implementing the architecture, you need to consider these steps:-

  • Building of prototypes. Wire-framing is a good first step.
  • Build up your own library of visual ideas and resources.
  • Always try new ideas or appealing methods of structuring page content.
  • Be creative and craft readable content.

#3. Written Page Copy – Grabs the visitors’ attention!

After constructing structured information architecture, you need to focus on the implantation of the innards. Control over a website is crucial in regards to the control of your audience. How to get such control? Writing great copy hinges greatly on the audience. The tone of writing that we normally notice is sophisticated, witty and funny or something like a marketing pitch that aims at achieving the conversions.

What care needs to be taken for great writing?

  • Make your point quickly and keep all important stuff near the top.
  • Avoid repeating the information and try to serve fresh and up to date information.
  • Use graphics, video representation and add more buttons with links to other pages.
  • Find your right voice that relates your audience and write accordingly.

Great writing is essential for every project as it boost the conversion rates.

#4. Systematic Page Elements – Focus on Web page section!

Mixing several web page elements into one is not appropriate and will result in a disaster. Using the wrong items together will confuse your visitors. How do you get rid of such chaotic design?  Simply! Split up each section of the webpage that is focused on user conversion into parts. Take an example of sections that covers CTA buttons and links that are placed above the fold of the page header.

5 things to think about prior to designing systematic page elements:

  • Avoid mixing vivid items together in the same page section. Separate the items using lot of white space.
  • Split the section of the page content as per the goal. Keep attention flowing into important page sections.
  • Add information about the conversion funnel-like account sign up, free downloads or anything related to buying and selling.
  • Build brand recognition by using big graphics, vector characters, arrows and bright circles.
  • Never underestimate the power of psychology in the web design. Be careful while selecting colors for your website as colors convey the message to your visitors.

#5. Great Incentives – Try to offer an additional for free!

The website must offer something special whether it is a free trial, free download or teaser package as this definitely boosts conversion numbers. Take an example of an email subscription box for an e-Commerce shop that offers periodical coupons on selected items.

If it is a social community site, then extra profile features are the best incentive to offer.

The five techniques above will ensure a good conversion rate for your site. Well-crafted design will help to draw attention of potential visitors and ultimately provoke deeper curiosity.

Do you have any ideas for achieving a good conversion rate? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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