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10 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog

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You were told that your business needed to start a blog, so you did. You’ve put time, effort and resources into it but you’re not getting the results you were expecting. You have no readers or followers and your articles aren’t being shared. You followed the trends and got the blog started and now nothing is happening.

The first thing you need to understand is that popular blogs don’t just pop up overnight. It takes patience, hard work and diligence to create and maintain a successful blog. Even though you think you might be covering all your bases, there could be some very important steps that you’re missing.

Take a look at this list of 10 things you could be doing wrong when it comes to blogging. If you find yourself falling into one or more of these items, make a plan to improve and act on it.

So here it is, 10 reasons people aren’t reading your blog:

#1. You’re not consistent

If people don’t know when you post, they don’t know when to check it. Your readers shouldn’t have to play a guessing game with your blog. If you can’t be relied upon to post new content regularly, your readers won’t follow you.

#2. They can’t find it or don’t know you have one

You need to be advertising your blog. Promote it on your website, business card, social media accounts, even other blogs (guest posting).

This also includes not having a weird URL. Make sure your URL is similar to your main website’s URL. You don’t want to confuse people.

#3. There aren’t any images

Images bring a lot to an article. People are more likely to read an article that has images included. This doesn’t just have to be a featured image. You can have images throughout the article. You can use screen shots, infographics, embedded videos, etc.

Images are also appealing when shared on social media platforms as opposed to a simple link.

#4. You have images but they’re stock images

Stock images can be boring, unappealing and generic. They are used mainly as a filler by people who aren’t familiar with designing their own images, but they don’t add anything to the article. There are lots of tools out there that you can use to create your own images. One of my personal favorites is Canva.

#5. They can’t follow you on social media

Years ago businesses were told they had to have a website, then they were told they had to have a blog, now they’re being told they should have social media accounts. It may seem overwhelming, but the truth is that technology is moving forward and consumers are moving with it. If you want your blog to be found, get on social media.

#6. You don’t have social media buttons

These buttons allow readers to share your content easily. Social media buttons make sharing content easy. If someone is reading one of your articles and they like it, they can quickly share it on any one of their personal social media accounts. You should want this to happen because it increases your exposure.

#7. They’ve read your content on other blogs

By this I don’t mean that you are plagiarizing (which you shouldn’t do) but that your content isn’t original, you’re just covering what other people have already done. Whatever your niche is, try to cover topics in a way that is unique to your blog. You need to find your voice.

#8. You don’t stay within your niche

If one day you post an article about baking cupcakes and then the next day your article is about the declining economy in Mozambique, you’re going to lose readers fast. Choose your niche and stick to it. You can’t cover everything under the sun.

#9. You’re boring or out of date

You don’t cover topics that are relevant. People read blogs to be entertained, informed, educated, etc. If your blog isn’t doing that, you’re not going to gain a following.

#10. Your blog is just one big advertisement for your business

Your website can be all about your business, products and services. Your blog should be used as a tool to establish you as a leader in your industry. You don’t want your articles to just be plugs for someone to buy your products.

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