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10 iOS Apps Every Blogger Should Have

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There are about 725,000 (and still counting) native iOS apps for iPhone, and thousands of apps used by bloggers. The purpose of these apps would be to make the job of the blogger easier, improving work and productivity. The list of apps would thus be endless, but here are ten iOS apps that will make your job easier.

#1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Most bloggers used to be worried about the quality of images on their website because there were no reliable apps that could help with that. But with Adobe Photoshop express, the problem is solved. Adobe gives us a reliable app that will let you crop, straighten, flip or rotate any image before posting to the website. You can adjust the brightness, hue and colors as well.

It is so easy to work with this app that you can make the adjustments in your iPhone and post the images. Even the dark and grainy images can be made to look superb and bright. This easy to use app is easily becoming the trusted favourite of many a blogger.

#2. Instapaper

Instapaper is another favourite tool of the regular blogger. If you want to read and save web pages while on the go then you must download this app. Once saved, you can read web pages on any device, be it Kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android. Apart from providing a standard reading experience, the app has a text-to-speech feature which you can control through your Apple Watch.

It offers an uncluttered reading experience for the user, including unlimited highlights. The main highlight of using this app is that you can always retrieve an article you were reading or researching. You can customize the web page to suit your reading style, even switch to night reading. If you have found some real gems that you’d like to read in the future, then you can save it here.

#3. Awesome Note

Just as its name, Awesome Note is awesome because it is convenient, innovative and easy to use. It is almost like an all-in-one organizer where you combine notes and have a to-do list. It is incorporated with wonderful writing capabilities and has the capability to add photos and drawings, even voice recordings. If you want to make notes while preparing articles, you can fully rely on this app. It acts as a diary where you can record day-to-day activities, create photo albums and even a shopping list.

#4. iA writer

This is an incredible app that acts as the quintessential writing app for every blogger in town. With this app, you can just concentrate on your app and thanks to its intuitive design, you won’t be distracted with useless features like in other apps. You can switch and swap between windows, search the library and compare text by keeping them side by side while working. Working with this app is so easy that it would be just like working on your computer.

#5. WordPress iPhone app

WordPress App is a great app for content writers everywhere. You can not only write quick posts and upload the same, but you can also take photos, shoot videos and upload the same at any time. It doesn’t matter where you are, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can get your posts published. It has an intuitive user interface so you don’t have to carry around a physical keyboard to get your work done. With this app, you can manage your entire blog within your palm.

#6. Idea Organizer

Idea Organizer is another quintessential app that helps people jot down their ideas ‘on paper’ so they can look it up later. Suppose you are having a burger with your friend at MacDonald’s and you had a brainwave idea for your blog. You can take out the Idea Organizer and just note down the idea, either as text or in your own voice. It has a dropbox backup and restore option so you don’t lose your files anymore. You can protect this app with a passcode, thereby providing additional protection.

#7. Pages

Pages app works just like a word processor. With this powerful app, you can make your reports and documents look gorgeous in minutes. Once downloaded, you have access to more than 60 templates, all designed and released by Apple. If you wish, you can open a blank document and work on it. There is an on-screen keyword so you don’t have to carry a physical keyboard. Integrated with auto-text wrap so you can flow the text around the images, as well.

#8. Blogsy

Blogsy has evolved to be one of the most widely used blogging apps for iPad users and though it is not accessible by iPhone users, iPadmini and iPad users can enjoy it to the maximum. The app can be used on all the major blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and the like. Additionally, the app supports all the major social media platforms as well.

#9. BlogPress

As the name suggests, BlogPress is a complete blogging app that works on both iPhone and iPad. With its easy photo and video uploader, scheduled publishing, geo-tagging, emoji icons support, social networking sites integration and password protection, BlogPress becomes a hot favorite among bloggers.

#10. Tumblr

Tumblr app is used by Tumblr bloggers and the app is available for free. With the Tumblr app, you can easily blog from your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. This app pretty much helps you to post texts, video, links and pictures. When your blog post is completed, you can save the draft or queue the post with the help of the app.

Each person would have different requirements from their app; this list is just a starter, to give you a general idea of the features you can enjoy from blogging apps. All the above mentioned are amazing apps that would help you take your blogging career to the next level. Try them and enjoy a new blogging experience.

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