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Harnessing the Power of the Internet: Finding a Real Estate Agent

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If you are looking for a quick sale of your home or would like to rent out your holiday home to suitable tenants, you will need the services of a local real estate agent, and while there is no shortage of real estate agents, finding a good one can be hit and miss. Modern solutions mean we no longer have to take our chances when looking for an excellent real estate agent, as we can use an online agent-finding service, which is free to the homeowner. The Internet is very powerful in so many ways, and finding a buyer for your property can be achieved with social media or a real estate finding service.

Using Internet Technology to Find a Buyer

When you are on the hunt for a results-driven real estate agent, you need access to specific information to choose an agent wisely. Information such as:

  • How many units the agent has sold this year.
  • How many units the agent currently has listed.
  • The average price of a sale.
  • The average number of days a property remains on the market.

Fortunately, there are online organizations such as, which happen to be the leading such service in Australia, and what’s more, their services are entirely free to the Australian homeowner.

Comparing Agents Using the Internet

When you land on a real estate agent-finding website, you must click on either ‘sell’ or ‘rent’, which then takes you to the next section. If you are selling, the next stage is where you enter details about your property, what type of property (house, apartment, townhouse, villa, etc.), the number of bedrooms, and finally, the estimated value of the property. The last piece of information is the full postal address, which enables the system to recommend real estate agents that cover your area. With a single click, you will receive a list of recommended real estate agents, which you can then compare, as you have all the relevant information at hand. If you would like some valuation advice, click here.

Rental Property Solutions – Technology to the Rescue

In the event you are looking for suitable tenants for your rental property, the real estate agent-finding service can help. As soon as you arrive on the agent-finding website, click on ‘rent’ and you will see a window to enter information about the property; the type of property (check which best describes your property), the number of bedrooms and the expected weekly rental, then you enter the postal address of the property. You will receive a list of recommended real estate agents who specialize in sourcing tenants.

How Come Such a Service is Free?

We all know that nothing is for free, yet when you make use of the services of a real estate agent-finding service, the company receives a small remuneration from the agent, which, of course, means that the homeowner does not have to pay anything. While most people would happily pay for the ability to compare agents with real-time data, the agent-finding service is happy with a small commission from the agent, allowing you to make good use of their services with no charge. If you would like to learn more about stamp duty in Australia, here is a government website that includes a stamp duty online calculator.

Comparing Real Estate Agent’s Commission With a Digital Platform

As you probably know, real estate agents charge a percentage-based commission, usually around 2%. With the agent-finding service, a click on the mouse will reveal any agent’s commission rates, while also showing the national average at the same time, which makes it easy to make an informed decision when looking for a real estate agent.

Checking Real Estate Agent Performance – Hi-Tech Solutions

When looking for a real estate agent to sell or rent your home, performance is everything, and the agent-finding service has you covered in every respect, showing you the number of units sold or rented this year, plus the average number of days until completion. This makes it easy to come to a decision, especially after you check their rate of commission, plus the agent-finding website enables you to communicate with any chosen agents in real-time.

Screening Tenants the Hi-Tech Way

If you are a landlord, you will already understand the importance of thoroughly screening any potential tenants, plus most agents offer a comprehensive service, which might include building maintenance and even collecting the rent. Of course, if you use a property management company, then you would not need to services of a real estate agent, as most offer such a service to their property owner clients.

Take the Hard Work Out of Agent Finding With This Free Internet-Based Service

Simply put, using a real estate agent finding service takes the hard work out of sourcing the best agent, and as the service is entirely free, you would be wise to take advantage of such an offer. A simple Google search will take you to a leading Australian real estate agent finding website, and the rest is straightforward, which will result in you having a list of recommended agents that you can compare with ease.

There aren’t that many excellent services available that are completely free, and when looking for a real estate agent, you now know exactly what to do.

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