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3 Things Every Customer Thinks About You

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We don’t ever want to buy anything; it’s down to the product or person persuading our emotions to change our minds.

As a sales person you receive a certain amount of training that always highlights the main features of whatever you are selling, with your

These are the 3 major questions a customer will ask themselves, usually subliminally, before parting with their cash:

#1.  What are my feelings towards this person and the company but also how much trust do I have?

You’re representing the company so ensure everything is of the highest standard, ensure the customer is at ease and build a relationship that can produce a champion.

Always be straight and ensure you don’t hide any facts or mislead the customer. If something goes hazy then chances are the trust in the relationship will be ruined and no amount of deals will be able to fix that.

#2.  Do I want these products and services?

Nobody buys anything unless they need it, so bring up a common problem that gets solved with your product which then allows the customer to think for themselves and ponder all the solutions you could solve for them.

This is when you need to listen and be truthful about what you can actually do for them, not a fairy tale that doesn’t solve any problems and again hurts the relationship between customer and company.

#3.  Does the product’s value meet my expectations and do I really need it?

This is the hardest part to sway the customer to a buying attitude. Countless times have I been in the same room where a customer expected a product to cost this much and in fact it costs more.

A lot of the time they will have heard a number and not actually looked further into it and this is when expectations can hurt the transaction. Be very clear about price and discounts and depending on what you’re offering, bring up any characteristics that should be expected but not worried about if they appear.

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What should be taken away from this.

If you have read the book How to Win Friends & Influence People (if you haven’t it’s a must read) then you know there is a strong emphasis on the other party. It’s never I want this and me, me, me in fact you should rarely consider what you want. Listen to the customer and become fully engrossed in what they have to say. If you can then use the knowledge to educate the customer on how they can profit from your product then chances are they will buy into it.

Remember as much as we may like to think about what we want, we need to consider what the customer needs and desires. This is far more important unless you plan to buy enough of the product you’re selling to keep the company going.

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