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Why You’re Not Striking A Chord With Your Social Followers

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I recently attended

A Moss-Covered Stone Can’t Roll

Social media strategist Ted Rubin explained that while it used to be fine to create your social media plan and leave it alone, now it’s necessary to constantly tweak it. Hm. When’s the last time you really looked at what you were doing and saw it as part of a bigger strategy? In fact, why are you on social? If you don’t have those reasons and objectives at the forefront of your mind, how can you expect to accomplish them?

Constant Retweets Do Not a Relationship Make

I realized in this keynote that I’ve relied maybe a bit too much on retweeting others’ content. I’m just so busy! It’s hard to really sit down and engage in meaningful conversations on Twitter sometimes. Excuses, excuses. I’ve always told my clients that they need a mix of different types of updates on social:

  • Sharing your own content
  • Sharing others’ content
  • Conversing directly with individuals
  • Participating in larger conversations
  • Sharing personal notes so you become human to your followers

Are you hitting all these points, or is your stream just an autotweet list of your company’s blog posts? I challenge you to spend even five minutes a day to diversify what you’re sharing. I’ll do the same. Tweet me about it @eggmarketing!

If You’re Not Listening, How Can You Talk About What Your Followers Want?

Another way many brands miss the mark with social is simply by not knowing what their followers want. This goes back to basic marketing and knowing your target audience. If you know exactly who your customer is and how she likes to receive messages (as well as what she wants to read about) you can curate the content you share to better reach her. If you’re not sure what she wants, ask her. Twitter and Quora are great sounding posts to ask questions of your target and get real answers that can then help you shape not only your social media marketing plan, but your marketing strategy  as a whole.

I for one will be paying more attention to my social updates and finding better ways to engage with my audience. Are you with me?

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