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Why Video Marketing Products Get Decision Makers To Make Purchases

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Many times, companies need to engage decision-makers in extraordinary ways to get them to buy their products. If not, they ignore the marketing messages, or they buy from competitors. So, companies use attractive video marketing products such as video brochures, video mailers, video samples and gift boxes, and point of purchase display and videos (POP Displays).

The return on investment is usually outstanding when video marketing products are used. Videos are also very effective in terms of marketing. This is mostly true when the primary aim of the video is to create awareness of specific products and how those products will affect the lives of their target customers. That is the best way to get their response.

Every day, so many marketing messages are targeted towards decision-makers, so much so that companies have to find a way to make their marketing messages stand out.

This is where video marketing comes in. The executives appreciate them, and it helps salespeople to perform better. Potential customers are intrigued by them, and recipients can share them with ease with other people who might influence their decision. Video marketing products are so effective, and they often get decision-makers to say “yes.”

According to Forrester’s research, a 60-second video is equivalent to around 1.8 million words. And in this modern world, consumers prefer audiovisual content to textual content.


Why Is Video Marketing So Effective

ROI optimization in advertising campaigns, increasing conversions or promoting organic presence on the internet, and others are why video marketing is beneficial. It is no surprise that retailers and other companies are constantly putting out video content. Several statistical demonstrations show how audiovisual content can steadily attract, retain and generate investments.


1.   They Increase The Number Of Clicks

It isn’t easy to achieve optimum click rates in certain sectors. Video content helps businesses to get clicks for their marketing actions, as they have been shown to increase the rate of clicks on PPC ads and the rate at which emails are opened in case of mailing campaigns. This is mostly because moving images attract more attention than static images or textual content.

The use of videos in marketing promotes the performance of the marketing activities while also increasing conversions and ROI.


2.   They Help To Increase Sales

This is another reason why video marketing is so effective, which is the benchmark for any marketing campaign: conversion, i.e., sales made. More than seven out of 10 (71%) marketing professionals say that they have a higher conversion rate when they use video brochure than the other kinds of content. By using this piece of information, you can incorporate this kind of brochure into your marketing campaign to generate more sales.


3.   It influences The Company’s Online Presence.

Search algorithms attach so much value to video content. According to Video Explainers, a page with at least one video content is 53 times more likely to be at the top of SERPs than if it doesn’t. This exposes the marketed products and services to potential buyers more, hence increases the possibility of them making a purchase.


4.   It Improves The Presentation Of Product Or Services

Video on product sheets seems to be interesting to consumers more and more. Consumers will rather watch a video tutorial or video guides on products and services than read textual content that contains the same amount of information on the particular products and services.

However, this does not mean that e-commerce should stop using textual content. But, the use of video has become a necessity rather than an option for marketing.


5.   It Encourages Trust Towards E-commerce

Another quality or feature of video marketing that makes it so effective in influencing decision-makers to make purchases is that it encourages trust. Trust is essential for making sales, retaining customers, and generating more ROI than competitors.

Some notable limitations of e-commerce include: Customers cannot touch, smell, or taste products, which reduces trust for the products. Video marketing can help reduce these limitations.

According to data published in an eTailing white paper, about 6 out of 10 online consumers (57%) say that video content in e-commerce positively affects their purchasing decisions.

A Cisco study shows that video content will contribute up to 80% of consumers’ online traffic. More people and decision-makers are using the Internet in 2021, and an eye-catching/informative video is enough to persuade them to pay for a product and services. Also, following the recent study of 580 consumers by the Animoto team, experts concluded on these findings:

  1. For 93% of those consumers, video is helpful when making a purchase.
  2. Consumers consider video as their #1 form of advertising from brands on the internet.
  3. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the top three most used platforms consumers use to find new products and services.
  4. Consumers prefer video to text for learning about new products and services.

According to Diode Digital’s recent findings, video marketing is 600% more effective than both print and direct mail put together.


In our world today, trying to teach your target audience in the fastest and most effective manner is essential. Businesses these days use video to achieve this feat. By using the information and tips stated above, you can make the most out of this kind of content to help you become more successful.



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