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Why Automated Marketing is Vital in 2017

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Automated marketing is big business, and it’s easy to see why. It represents a detailed and decisive way to target market customers. Sharpening your tools to hook the right customer means more sales revenue.

Optimising sales

Optimising selling efforts means filtering out the juiciest catch. Customers who know your brand, or are aware of your service, are easier to convert. 

Creating Engaging Conversations

If your frontline sales people can see what content consumers engage with, you can have better conversations.  Better conversations lead to better conversions. You will also be able to see exactly sales leads and where customers are in their conversion journey. This will provide opportunities to nurture prospects and target market them with specific offers. Automated marketing driven by humans, enables data to be mined, customers profiled giving higher ROI.

Stepping Stones Through the Buyer’s Journey

There are opportunities for organisations to create a more unified approach to marketing. For instance, if we visit a blog and click a product, the system should see we linked from the blog. Moving from a blog to a website are stepping stones which should be linked into CRM systems.

Connected consumers and devices means an exponential increase in data. Many marketers don’t have the technical tools to ignore the noise and turn data into leads.  Artificial intelligence is required to assist in transforming raw data into useful information.

Adam Bennioff Salesforce CEO said We need a new generation of tools to be able to organize and view the data. We need a new generation of executives who understand how to manage and lead through data. And we also need a new generation of employees who can help us organise and structure our businesses around that data.”

Automated Insights, a company acquired for $80 million transforms raw data into stories and intelligence according to the website. It even has a ‘wordsmith platform’ to write content just like a human would.  

6thSense is a B2B artificial intelligence engine which funnels time-sensitive interactions and determines which prospects are ready to buy.

Inbound Writer uses algorithms to forecast content potential before it is written and recommends the most successful topics.


Disconnected Platforms

A survey by lenskold showed 80% of B2B marketers used their marketing automation to generate leads. The second most common use for marketing automation is tracking visitors to a website. 69% of B2B marketers said they used it for scoring and categorising new leads. Separate technology is hampering businesses ability to have a 360-degree view of their customer’s journey.

Pressure to have a multitude of platforms means these are launched without centralised technology to manage them.

Cohesive Platforms

Disparate platforms make it more difficult to corral customers from one platform to another. There is a lack of integration between blogs, websites and other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Those brands which successfully create linked platforms can track customers throughout their journey. Successfully harnessing automated marketing will develop a CRM database to create more leads.

Brands benefit by:

  1. More relevant information and tracking customers from initial engagement to a qualified prospect.
  2. More intelligence to profile customers, and personalise communications will target relevant offers to customers.
  3. Brands can analyse content consumption and enhance product discounts and target offers.
  4. Customers benefit from a connected experience and without signing up to multiple platforms.

Using Experiential Marketing to Build Customer Lifetime Value

Creating useful, informative content to engage your customers across multiple platforms is one way to ensure that you attract sales. Experiential marketing isn’t just a buzzword, and it has real benefits for brands. Customers get increased satisfaction from brands which listen to them and address their needs. They also get good vibes from brands which exceed their expectations.

If an event exhibitor offers a discount because you liked their Facebook, you’re likely to buy because you feel valued. Customer engagement analysis and CRM can help build loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value and success.

Customer profiling

Analysing customer demographics is a tool which has been used for decades. What has changed is that now we can track exactly where our customers are when they are viewing our content.

We know how many times they visit, the time and who they are with from Facebook check-ins and shares. This marketing information can drive campaigns directly via social media. Information from loyalty cards has largely been replaced by social media intelligence, but can still provide valuable information about consumer behaviour. Social media engagement monitoring lets us see the content customers engage with and drives sales.

How to achieve cohesive automated marketing

Brands need to reconsider the individual platforms used.  Seeking out CRM systems to get a 360-degree view of the journeys through content will provide more intelligence. CRM Systems like Marketo, Salesforce and Zoho, can improve and deepen customer relationships over time. They provide tools to analyse and track marketing return on investment. This enables brands to target their efforts at campaigns which produce the best results.

SEO Copywriting provides the foundation to successful automated marketing

Automated marketing is only as good as the marketers and copywriters behind it. If you have interesting, content written by a good copywriter you will make a much greater impact on your customers. An informative copy will also build deeper long-term relationships. A good copywriter is the key to great content which can engage repeat customers.

Copywriters can empathise with customers and build images which can explain why customers should buy your product or service.

They will also have an in-depth understanding of your business if they’ve created your content and write regular blogs for you. This will enable them to write with authority. Good copywriting can help you project a unified tone of voice across multiple platforms. You just need to ensure you choose the right voice and vision for brand perception. Joined-up marketing and content creation will bring dividends in the long term.

Towards a blended approach

Businesses need to use a blended approach to data collection, mining and profiling. A 360 degree, 3D view of customer behaviour will engage customers throughout their sales journey. Using automated content marketing to link all platforms and collect more intelligence will drive success. What’s important is listening to your customers across all channels and giving them what they want to drive sales.


So when it come to marketing, plan out your strategy, and think of some creative ideas that will for sure, help your marketing efforts develop.

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