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What Toddlers Can Teach Us About Blogging

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Don’t you just wish you were a kid again? Back then, life was easier; all we did was eat, sleep and play. No stress, no emotional breakdowns, no technology, and no money problems. We could see the beauty in everything, and even if we did the same things over and over, we always made it fun each time.

Today we often hear people say “act like a curious toddler” when giving advice about life in general. Why? Because children know exactly what they want, with no influence from what society would think or what rules of men would dictate. And at times we want to be like them because, in whatever they do, they follow their heart.

If you’ve ever had the chance to observe a group of toddlers, you’d see why their implicit behavior is worth emulating even in online blogging:

# 1. Sharing is loving

Whenever we see a toddler who is willing to share his or her toys, our hearts begin to melt like butter. It’s one of the values we forcefully instill to young children so they can carry it to their adult lives. In the blogging world, sharing is more than just an act of generosity – it’s also a way of saying “Here, let me help you share your message to the world”.

# 2. Having a (good) role model is important

Business blogging has been around for quite a while, and there are veteran bloggers who continue to stand the test of time, still contributing to the growing power of online marketing. Just like how a child would look up to its parents or older siblings, businesses should also learn from those who are considered authorities in the field.

# 3. Don’t take what is not yours

As opposed to the value of sharing, we also try hard to teach children not to take things that don’t belong to them. It’s practically a universal concept – but in blogging it may refer to the “stealing” of content material. The accepted method is to curate ideas from existing posts, with of course the obligation to give necessary credit to the source.

# 4.  Sometimes you’ve got to play in the dirt

Kids are not threatened by the sight of filth or mud – they embrace the challenge and enjoy their moments in the puddle. Adults are experts in playing dirty just to get ahead. While it’s not exactly an honorable feat, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to achieve short-term goals.

# 5 Not everyone will like you

The playground is sometimes a fierce jungle for preschoolers. They usually find friends and enemies alike, but they don’t take it to a personal level. One would even casually tell another kid that he doesn’t him or her, which is normal for them. They accept the fact that you can’t please everyone, as blogger should, too.

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