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Using Infographics For Your Company

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Social networking utilizes many different social avenues to help businesses reach out to their clients. While written content is still crucial to overall networking, graphics are becoming increasingly popular. Visual content, known as infographics, are helpful for those who like to look at things better than read them.

Are Infographics Dead?

Infographics were once very popular in marketing and advertising, but has become less appealing for many businesses and companies. This has led to the belief that infographics are – for lack of a better word – dead.

However, the most important question that exists is – are they really dead?

How often do people actually utilize visual content these days?

Should I utilize this content?

Questions like these continue to appear when it comes to SEO marketing and advertising strategies. While the strategy for utilizing infographics might change, the effectiveness of it remains the same – infographics are a powerful marketing tool.

The Growth of Infographics

While the debate as to whether Infographics is dead or not continues to grow, the statistical data favors the debate that it is not dead.


In 2004 to 2008, infographics had a low interest – so much, only 5 to 10% of all people were looking for them. Interest began to peak in 2009, when the growth of Facebook began.

From the years 2010 to 2012, the interest in infographics was enormous. From 2009, it had grown a total of 800-percent in interest with Google searches. Many people found themselves craving infographics more as social networks began to utilize them.

Here’s an example of a good way to gain interest to your site or blog with an infographic made by 12 Palms Rehab Center. They took something in their related industry and designed an eye catching picture to portray their research. People who are interested in this topic will see it and share it with their friends, in return gaining valuable awareness for the company.

Why Should A Company Utilize Infographics?

When it comes to building a successful company or business, it is vital to understand how to build your website and get your appeal out there.

With the growing interest in infographics, companies should know that this is the latest trend for appealing to the masses. Infographics appeal to the masses because:

  1. Statistical data is more compelling and easier to understand when placed in charts and graphs. Opposed to reading the information and having to digest it, the graphs and charts make it easier for minds to consume the information and understand the content.
  2. Visual stimulation is the highest sensory detail humans have since 90-percent of our daily intake of information is done visually.
  3. Many social networks are built on picture-based platforms. This makes going viral much easier than written content.
  4. Pictures reach to a wider demographic. Written content casts a barrier since there is a plethora of languages spoken throughout the world. However, infographics break these barriers and allow for everyone to understand the concepts and statistics that you need for them to understand. The more people you are able to reach out to, the more business you will be able to drive in to your stores.
  5. Websites will utilize your infographics on their page and, in turn, will link your website on theirs. For search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, this means only positive things for your company. Search engines utilize backlinking as part of their overall ranking system for webpages.

How to Turn Content into Infographics

Now that the concept as to how infographics will assist you, it is now time to learn how to make infographics.

  • Turn statistical data into visual content. Make bar graphs or charts to show the data – ensuring to give each section of the chart a different color. Underneath the picture, written content can help better explain the chart – but the chart should be self-explanatory on its own.
  • If a company is selling a product that promotes some type of physical results – use infographics to display it. For example, before and after shots of a weight loss program will show your customers that your system, pill or product works effectively.
  • Turn customer reviews into infographics. Jazz up some of your best customer reviews and show them on your website. When people talk about the product, they can just link the picture to their website easily.


Customers love the dynamics of picture and learn better from the visual sensory. Ensure that you have only the ideal infographics on your page – adapting and changing your webpage often enough where new visual content is posted.

Businesses can benefit in the long-term from infographics, but it is important to note that a website should not have too much visual content. A balance of visual and contextual stimulation will ensure the best benefit for any website.

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