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Use Your Imagination To Grow Your Brand

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These days many of you have global competition vying for your customers’ attention and wallets. As well, there is an abundance of marketing tactics that you can action to attract and retain your customers. While it is easy to copy what others do, it can be a trap especially if you copy your competitors. 

This article is about using your imagination to differentiate your brand. It includes two examples that show what a little imagination can do as a foundation for a successful business.


This is one thing that you have control over that can separate your brand and make a difference with customers. No competitor can control what you think and how you use your imagination to grow your brand and business.

Two companies come to mind that shows from the imagination of one person an outstanding business can be developed. They saw or dreamed things and gave life to their ideas through their imagination.

  1. Look at Disney World – it came from the imagination of Walt Disney.  A theme park that was in line with what his cartoons did.  Bring joy and happiness to others. He could have rationalised the idea away as there were hurdles to overcome.  Instead, he built life into it and it has developed over the years into a destination for families and those young at heart.
  2. The other example is Coca Cola – it was invented by a pharmacist Dr John Pemberton as syrup that was mixed with carbonated water. It is said he never fully realised the potential of the drink as sales were at the time quite low. A couple of years later he sold it to Asa G. Candler who used his imagination as well as business acumen to grow the drink well beyond what had occurred before.


It is easy to follow what others do when marketing your products or services. The only problem is it can restrict your opportunities to grow. Today there is information from around the world, in all different mediums and you have in your hands the opportunity to get inspired and use your imagination.

Be A Child

Remember your childhood and your imagination ran wild? You had adventures and ideas and it was fun. Why not go back to that stage and let your imagination loose. You can use your customer insights or just look at one aspect of your brand as a starting point.

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It doesn’t have to be a big idea, instead it can be one that develops over time as with Coca Cola. Have you used your imagination to grow your brand?

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