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Understanding The Buyer’s Perspective As An Online Marketer

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The internet has completely revolutionized the manner in which business was conducted years ago. Likewise, new marketing strategies have also been designed by online marketers to promote their products in order to grasp the attention of online visitors to convert them into potential buyers.

When an online marketer understands the buyer’s perspective to conduct business, it becomes fairly simple to identify and point out the key areas where online marketers can make efforts to increase their sales and consequently have better business!

Let’s analyze how you can win customers by understanding how they want to be treated:

Respect your online visitors

A poorly designed website can send the wrong message to its potential buyers. Your website is your brand image on the internet and an online user will use the information he ‘sees’ to make an opinion about you. If you intend to market your products through your website make sure that your website is easy to navigate but is also well designed enough to hold your buyers’ attention.

The website should have accurate contact information so that buyers can trust if you really exist or not. An FAQ section can promptly answer many questions that the buyer has in his mind. Use optimized content for better Google rankings as the sooner your page will appear in the search engine’s list the better trust will be developed between you and your potential buyers.

Hand a virtual basket to your visitors

As soon as your user views the ‘add to cart’ or ‘view cart’ link in your main navigation, the user in his mind, gets ready to shop. Let them ‘add’ or ‘delete’ items from their cart and give them a complete list of the selected items in the end. Ask for their personal information only at the end so they know you are using it for transaction purposes only!

Include the human touch

A user wants some kind of validation of your acclaimed products. Customers’ reviews add more reliability to your website and develops trust between you and the online visitor! The user may have certain doubts about a particular product but your testimonials from real people can clear away their misconceptions. Build a relationship between you and your potential buyers through real people and not just by displaying product descriptions and their warranties on your website.

Display social media tabs on your business page

Today’s buyer judges you by your social media presence. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are validated stamps of approval which show that have done great business in the past and will continue to do so in the years to come. Lack of a Facebook Page or a LinkedIn Profile on your business website can leave your online visitor wondering if he can trust your online presence enough to conduct any business or not.

Currently, online marketing is probably the cheapest mode of advertising. That makes the whole online marketing concept a challenge for businesses who may lag behind in their marketing techniques to convert browsers to buyers. Emphasis should be given on optimized content, reliable testimonials and a user friendly interface to attract more and more users.

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