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Turn One Idea Into One Hundred: Repurposing Content In The Digital Era

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The constant push for engaging, informative content to drive on your marketing strategy can often seem an uphill struggle. Most businesses are aware of how crucial a digital marketing strategy is to online success, but generating new ideas week on week can seem impossible.

Many business to business companies work within a fairly small niche, so creating new things to say daily can be hard. For example, the promotional gifts industry; how many ways is it possible to describe a promotional pen? However, if you think of it, as you would think for instance, about your brand strategy; in terms of developing your ideas, it might become easier.

The images of Coca Cola

You would not decide to redraw your company logo time and again; look at Coca Cola, they have developed their images, but they still seem familiar if you go back fifty years. Re-purposing, or building on content can be approached in a similar fashion. One idea can seed many more, and help you develop a strategy which has more shelf life and substance, than a rare ‘eureka!’ moment.

Repurposing content

Repurposing content is not something which is new either. How do you think newspapers find their stories? Many articles you read will have been curated from sites like Reuters. Reporters take the facts and create a story around them. If you have used a set of business statistics in one post, it does not mean you cannot use them again. Think about all the possible realms of relevance they may have to your audience and you could suddenly have five or ten interesting articles based around the same facts.

3 strategies to try

# 1. Use one idea to create different types of content

Whatever the purpose of your content, think about how the same message can be spread through different online channels. Different types of content are more effective through different mediums. For example, if you have written an informative blog post for your sector, think about the information it contains and whether it would work with your social media strategy too:

  • Could the data be transformed into an infographic or vlog?
  • Is there anything that could be visualised as a twitpic or for Instagram?
  • A ‘how to’ piece, is the perfect example for something which works visually, orally and in writing.

It is likely that you will reach different audiences on your different social networks, maximise your exposure by catering to varying markets.

# 2. Exhaust your archives

What have you written before that generated high levels of engagement?

  • Think about the response you received and pinpoint what it was about that particular piece of content that got people talking.
  • Use these facts to consider how you could develop this further, could you write a follow up article?
  • Think about the types of questions people asked about it, and consider what posts could be formed around them.

Look at your archives as a collective piece of work to understand what common themes appear in your industry. This could help you develop a series or even an eBook.

# 3. Monitor your tweets and status updates

Tweets and statuses are very similar to headlines in newspapers or magazines. They need to grab attention, provide information and create conversation in a limited amount of characters. By looking at what you have posted previously, there is likely to be many things that you could expand on. Keep track of what has worked well and use these as titles for new content.

Have you repurposed your content? I’d welcome any comments about it.

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