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Top SEO Fixes to Uplift the Website Ranking in Three Winks

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Your website is up and running. But when you search your website with a specific competitive keyword, it’s nowhere in the Google search results. Amazed? Don’t be. It happens. Somehow, you missed optimizing your website.

Yes. It is a must! To dwell and sustain your position in the Google search results, it is important to optimize your website with powerful SEO strategies.

Here are a few quick SEO fixes you can use to bolster your website ranking swiftly in Google.

#1. Use of Alt text in Images

It is the best practice to use alt text in the images. There are no specific rules to adhere while naming images. Everyone follows a unique method to name and use it in the content. Alt Text not only makes your content accessible to everyone but also describes Google what the content is all about. Today, people prefer visual search over text search because they get more results when searched via images rather than text. Hence, it is crucial to name the image with a specific keyword you include in your content.

#2. Create Backlinks on Authoritative sites

Many SEO professionals advice to guest blog on reputed sites which have a high domain authority to generate backlinks. Doing so, you promote your site to a large group of readers and add value to your content. Plus by contributing your blog to such sites you are showing Google your ability to write quality and keyword rich content. Talking about how many links to add, it depends upon the site norms. Every site follows different rules giving a wide space to a community of bloggers to enter in the world and show their creativity.

#3. Optimize the Website Speed

Yes, it is needed! You know you are losing a good percentage of your audience by hampering your site performance. It is obvious that adding high-resolution images and videos that too in great number slow down the performance. This is not the only reason. Unstructured or unnecessary coding is also the major cause for this. But not doing anything about it is a serious problem. There are various tools available on the web such as Gtmetrix, Pagespeed Insights by Google which are worth considering. Such tools not only provide you with the score of your website but also guides you the areas you need to work on to boost your website performance.

#4. Keep Writing Blogs

Google is really fond of the website that delivers great information and blogging is one of the effective ways to improve the SEO ranking of your website. Yes, blogging is effective but that does not give you the privilege to stuff unnecessary keywords or key phrases for SEO purpose. Google also does not cite those contents which are stuffed with keywords. Such tactics are now referred as Black Hat SEO. Instead of increasing, it can drop your website ranking.

#5. Make Readers Your Friend

This point is in continuation with the above one. That’s said, write for humans first and then for Google. Meaning, readers should easily understand and get convinced with the information you provide. When readers become your friend they share your content on various social media channels or promote your site through word of mouth. That’s why, if you are a writer, just focus on bringing unique information and represent it in a comprehensive way because readers are the ones who will acknowledge you for your writing and not Google. Google will only rank you on the basis of your genuine and quality content.

#6. Make Content Sharing Easy

It is a proven technique that social media marketing increases brand awareness. The more you share, the more you connect with people. Sharing content on social media has nothing to do with the increase in website ranking but yes it can help you boost your blog’s visibility. Yes, sharing on social media especially on the Twitter platform can help you in doing so. In the year 2015, Twitter agreed to give Google full access to its firehose that enables Google to index real-time tweets in the search results.

#7. Optimize Titles and Meta Descriptions of Your Blog

Why is it a mandatory task to include a keyword in the title and meta description? You know it well. Don’t you? When you publish your blog on the site, Google shows the title and meta description on the search result page. Meta description and title have nothing to do with website ranking but creating a powerful title and meta description using competitive keyword boost your blog’s visibility. It makes it easier for people to find out an informative blog on the topic they are searching for.

#8. Use Headings on Your Blog

You may have noticed these heading tags in the blog wherein H1 is for the title, H2 is for sub-headings and H3 is for descriptions. It is a standard methodology to include heading tags consisting of the specific keyword. A successful implementation of this methodology makes it easy for Google to perceive all content under each heading talking about the same topic relevant to the specific keyword. Such practices are indeed helping your site rank high in SEO.

#9. Fix Your URL

Often, we miss out on URLs. Isn’t it? We forget that apart from designing a fresh content using heading tags, and specific keywords, we equally need to emphasis on URLs because it is also a major part of Google search algorithm. Several top SEO companies practice URL optimization tactics as it serves a good number of benefits; a) easy for users to read the full URL. b) forms a proper hierarchy. c) consists of keyword so that the keyword in the URL gets highlighted during the search. d) helps you avoid using stop words like “and, but, or, if” e) reduces dynamic URL string carrying the question mark sign, and f) helps you create XML sitemap.

#10. Be Careful With Confusing Homonyms

There are a good number of homonyms — words which have a different meaning. Their use defines the nature of their work. For instance; While searching for the term apple or Apple, do you want to learn about the fruit or the brand name? It is really important to be specific. Many SEO professionals practice search optimization to eliminate the confusion of homonyms words and help users discover the site easily.

Ending Note

This winds up the 10 best SEO fixes to foster your website ranking instantly. Hope you find it useful. SEO cannot be ignored. It has to be implemented. So it is better to befriend with it otherwise, you will be outranked from the Google SERP by your competitors.

Over to you …

What tricks have you tried and been effective for you? Share those tricks in the comments section below. Would certainly love to hear from you.

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