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Top 9 Social Networking Tools that Healthcare Professionals Must Explore

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#1. Doximity

Operating as a community of U.S. clinicians, Doximity has been helping Physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs and pharmacists in staying connected with each other, expanding their practices and exploring new opportunities. It is an HIPAA-secure medical network directed towards making communication in the healthcare industry a secure, fast and seamless process.

To be a part of this online platform, physicians just require creating an account and enjoy the privilege of interacting with colleagues, receiving alerts on latest medical updates and even earn 1 CME credit by reading journal articles on this site.

Doximity already has more than half a million healthcare professionals as part of its community. If you have not yet joined Doximity yet, then it’s high time you join them as a step towards strengthening your online presence.

#2. Sermo

With over 800,000 verified members, Sermo is a popular social media network exclusively built for physicians from U.S. and other 150 countries. As a platform for honest and frank conversations among doctors globally, Sermo enables its members to interact with their peers and discuss medical cases, share knowledge, ask for help and in the process improve their practices for delivering quality healthcare services.

Being a part of Sermo is like being a part of a knowledge bank. Hence, leveraging this social platform will help you as a physician in improving your practice as well as contributing to the success of others.

#3. QuantiaMD

Transforming the way physicians learn medicine and practice, QuantiaMD has established itself as one such web and mobile community that Physicians found useful when it comes to socializing and exchanging of knowledge.

Through interactive presentations and discussions, QuantiaMD is trying to promote the physician-to-physician teaching and learning process that can help offer better quality care to patients. This collaboration platform has more than 200,000 registered members and is led by medical experts with years of experience who are eagerly waiting to hear from their peers and help them improve.

Be it during a coffee break or between treating patients; you can log into the community and start being part of valuable conversations, go through important medical updates and have a look at tips related to your practice.

#4 .WeMedUp

In an attempt to stimulate the advancement in the field of research and medicine, WeMedUp, an online community for medical professionals was created by physicians. Like any other medical networking platform, WeMedUp too helps its member interact with colleagues, share ideas and experience, conduct and participate in online poll, review case studies, get access to deals related to medical supplies and equipment. But what makes this platform a little unique than the others is its job application feature. Members of this community can also post their resumes and apply for new job opportunities.

#5. Figure 1

With the objective of improving the future of healthcare, Dr. Joshua Landy, Richard Penner, and Gregory Levey led the foundation of Figure 1, an online social networking platform where healthcare professionals from around the world can post medical images and comment on posts shared by others. If you are a physician working in a remote location, this app can help you in getting opinion while treating any rare disorder from your peers located elsewhere.

At present, Figure 1 app and website has more than one million users.

#6. MomMD

Helping women in medicine seek work-life balance, MomMD is a leading online association providing valuable resources, content and medical information to women physicians and medical and premedical students. As a member of this social community, women doctors can discuss healthcare related issues with each other and even compare average salaries.

For all the female physicians, exploring MomMD’s interactive platform is a must.

#7. Allnurses

For peer to peer communication among nurses, allnurses is a great online community providing people in this profession the opportunity to network, share and learn from others in the same field. This nursing social networking site offers a global platform where nurses can socialize with their peers and in the process stay updated with trending topics related to their practice. Not only working professionals but also the nursing students can join this community.

#8. Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Operating as a collaborative learning community, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) is providing learning and sharing platform to its members who are professionals working in hospitals, medical providers, caregivers and even patients. Using MCSMN as a networking tool, healthcare professionals can exchange ideas, be alerted on advancements and contribute towards building a healthy world and improving care services.

#9. DoctorsHangout

DoctorsHangout is an online platform where doctors from all over the world can communicate. Being a member of this community will help doctors in sharing their medical knowledge, advance their skills, access online journals, and ultimately expand their social presence in the industry. If as a doctor you are looking to build long lasting professional relationships or establish new contacts then DoctorsHangout is the platform you must explore.

Final Thought

The social networking tools discussed above can add immense value to healthcare practices of physicians and other medical professionals. But, while leveraging these platforms to socialize within the industry, don’t forget to maintain the privacy of patient data as per the rules and regulations set by HIPAA.

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