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Top 10 Ways Brands Can Benefit From Periscope

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Facebook. Snapchat. Twitter. YouTube… Periscope!

Today’s technology offers businesses a host of unique internet marketing tools. And the selection just got better:

#1. Just say “no” to robots

The companies with the top customer service ratings tend to pride themselves on making it easy to talk to a “real” person on the phone. Imagine your brand boasting service one step better than the competition: Your customers can speak with a visible human. Psychologically, eye contact and body language are essential tools that can indicate genuine interest in a conversation. In this way, Periscope can make your customers feel heard.

Using Periscope, you can humanize your brand in a powerful new way. This isn’t 1 to 1 customer service; you can have hundreds of people watching your live broadcasts. By watching comments written on the screen, your brand representative can engage in live interactions with the audience, a powerful way to reach many while offering personalized service.

#2. Take the “trouble” out of “troubleshooting.”

As a customer service representative, it’s not always easy to fix problems over the phone. With Periscope, a service representative can visually demonstrate what the customer needs to do to get the product working. Clearer communication = less frustration = happier customers.

Create a schedule of demo videos for your customer service to work through. Follow a “live demos” schedule so that your audience knows to tune in to watch more product demos and learn how to use your product/service more effectively.

#3. Say hello

Relationships form when people discover common ground. User Periscope to show them the hum of the workplace and the smiling employees who are eager to serve. Introduce viewers to the super-nice (and cute) receptionist who is ready to greet them with a cup of coffee fresh from the Keurig. Not only will a tour showcase the personality of your company’s environment, but viewers will see happy employees treated well. People are more likely to invest when they see integrity.

Setting aside time for your employees to engage with customers can be a fun, relaxing way for your team to get real-time intel on their target audience while your customers become better acquainted with your company.

#4. Offer exclusive behind-the-scenes footage

Show how your brand is made. Use Periscope to introduce viewers to the people who make it happen. Explain how your quality control process is airtight. It’s all about transparency; providing proof that your company has nothing to hide. Your brand is worthy of consumers’ trust.

#5. Be interesting

Use Periscope to stream the office talent show and let the viewers vote for the winner. Show your employees conducting a food drive or participating in a 5K to raise money for cancer research. Connect anything funny or interesting with your brand, and you will gain more followers.

Make sure your employees are also following others on Periscope and engaging with them. Following others and watching their live streams will encourage them to follow you back, thus enabling you to build a larger following. Make sure the comments you leave on others’ live streams are engaging and interesting.

#6. Offer informational seminars

Invite viewers to attend a live Periscope seminar where they can ask questions and become acquainted with what your brand has to offer. It’s basically an opportunity to do a live infomercial without paying a cent.

Psychologist Jessica Garcia uses Periscope to give teachings on Parenting Techniques. She allows her viewers to send questions, which she then responds in a future live cast. The audience can ask questions about the material real time. This is just one example of the many ways brands and service providers can use Periscope.

#7. Demonstrate your brand

Use Periscope to show your brand in use. Live streaming a demonstration adds another layer of transparency to your product. We love watching live TV showcasing our favorite celebrities because it’s real and raw and unedited. (And of course we’re always hoping to catch a wardrobe malfunction or an accidental swear word.)

#8. Be the best

Your rivals are taking advantage of Periscope too. Research by watching their scopes. Which are the most popular? Figure out what they’re doing right, then do it better. Keep an eye out for popular Periscope users and stay actively engaged in the community so you can see garners the most interest and popularity.

#9. Take advantage of the novelty

Post about your brand’s scope on social media. For someone who hasn’t heard of Periscope, your post may intrigue them enough to download the app. And when they do, your scope will be the first thing they see.

Periscope is still relatively new. Think of how strong your brand would now be if, for example, you’d been an early adopter of Twitter. By now you’d have hundreds of thousands of followers. Periscope is still young and still relatively open to building a strong user base for brands who are interested and consistent.

#10. Keep up

At the time of this article, Periscope is not available on Mac or PC, but it makes sense that the developers will probably be working to enable Periscope for other platforms. Stay sharp for any new developments and jump on them before your competitors do.

The best part about Periscope: Viewers draw more viewers. If I see that a YouTube video has been viewed 500 million times, I’m going to watch it to see what all the fuss is about. If it’s good enough to have 500 million views, then I want to be one of the 500 million.

The same principle applies to Periscope: If you have a great scope going and you can get a growing number of followers, you’ll have harnessed the same power that creates viral videos!

So get started! Enjoy the journey! We hope this gets you on the runway toward successfully marketing your brand with Periscope

Images: ”CHIANG MAI, THAILAND -April 9, 2016:LG Nexus 5 open Periscope app . Periscope is made by Twitter – lets you broadcast live video to the world./


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