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Tips For Hiring Content Writers

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The current mantra in SEO and web marketing is that content is king, but not everyone has the time or skills to craft compelling, SEO-friendly copy. If you need to hire content writers for your website, there are a number of ways to do so.

You can search online advertisements for writers promoting their services, do an Internet search for websites for writers, or choose online content sites where you can search through portfolios. Regardless of what method works best for you, there are additional tips you should be aware of that let you know which writer is the best fit for you, and help you avoid wasting time on unprofessional or unskilled individuals.

Review samples of work

The writer should be able to provide you with samples of work that was published online or specific portfolio pieces. Try to ask for a variety of samples, such as blog posts and short and long articles. You can also request published samples relating to your niche so you can see their expertise.

Request decent rates

Pay close attention to their rates. You want to be able to afford their writing services, but avoid anyone asking for too little for their time. Writers who are willing to write a 500-word article for a couple dollars are probably not the best available. Find out what a fair rate is and look for writers asking around that amount.

Ask for references

If the writer in question has professional experience, they should have some clients that are willing to provide references. Ask the writer for clients you can contact and then get in touch to inquire about their quality and reliability.

Request one project

When starting with a new writer, have them write just one short project to get an idea of their writing practices, formats, quality, and whether they complete the work by the deadline. Pay them for the project then work out a contract if you’re pleased with the work. Many good writers refuse to provide an unpaid writing sample, because if you decide to go elsewhere their time is wasted on an article about lab stools they can’t sell elsewhere.

Look for signs of foreign writers

If the type of content you need requires a native English writer, look for signs that English might not be their first language. You can usually tell by their first contact email if it contains odd sentence structure, wording that doesn’t make sense and spelling and grammatical errors, or they seem to choose the wrong type of wording. On the other hand, if you are commissioning large amounts of content and have a good editor on hand, a foreign writer may turn out to be more cost-effective for your project.

Be specific

When writing the project description, be as specific as possible about what you want. This includes the type of work, how much you have, what your deadlines will be, what you’re looking for in a writer, what you’re willing to pay, the subject matter, the length of articles or content, and anything else that is relevant. This cuts down on applications from unsuitable writers.

What tips do you have for hiring content writers?

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