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Times are Changing: Why Digital Marketing Is the Way to Go

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The 21st century revolutionized the manner of advertising a business, product, or service. Due to the growing population who owns a gadget that can access the internet and spends less time reading newspapers and watching televisions where businesses traditionally put their ads, going digital is the way to go.

Building your online presence can influence the success of your business. But if it is so important, how do you use digital marketing to your advantage? This article will teach you the importance, benefits, and tools you can use to grow your business online.


Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

To convince you that traditional marketing is a thing of the past, let us discuss the difference between the two types of marketing. 

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing simply means that it is a marketing strategy that does not utilize the internet. These are approaches that have been around for a lot of years but are now less commonly employed. An example of this technique is billboards, fliers, and radio commercials. Although it is not as popular as it was, it is still helpful if your goal is to reach an older demographic or avoid getting your ads blocked, then this is the strategy for you.

Digital Marketing 

It is considered a type of marketing that uses electronic gadgets to deliver advertising materials and track their effectiveness. Digital marketing refers to advertising initiatives that display on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device in practice. They are utilized by email campaigns or search engine optimization, wherein digital marketing specialists like Gorilla360 will be your best bet. 

The biggest con of traditional marketing is the limitation of reaching all target audiences and editing your campaigns immediately. On the other hand, digital marketing can do both.


How Can Digital Marketing Help Your Business?

Since drawing targeted audiences online is the difference between a thriving and growing business and one that fails, your website depends on converting the daily traffic into purchases and leads. It is just one way of how digital marketing helps your business.

Digital marketing allows for real-time advertising. It means that offers and advertising campaigns can be altered through the response based on people’s activities. A company may personalize offerings in real-time and provide products and services to consumers in the way they want. It will not only improve client satisfaction but will also raise income for the company.


Types of Digital Marketing 

There are various types of digital marketing forms as there are different methods to connect with digital media. It may seem to be confusing and a complicated task, but it will be one of the sound and wisest things you can do for your business once you get the hang of it.  Here are examples of the types of digital marketing:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

It’s a digital marketing technique based on optimizing a part of online content. When someone searches for that particular topic or a topic related to it, search engines like Google show it near the top of the page.

Content marketing 

Just like any marketing method, the objective of strategic marketing is to attract prospects who will eventually become customers. It does, however, operate in a somewhat different manner than traditional advertising. Rather than attracting customers with the promise of future value, it gives them value in text documents free of charge.

Social media posts

Social media marketing can directly affect your business by increasing traffic and brand exposure by including people in an online forum. Instagram and Youtube are the most popular platforms used. 

Clickable ads

It’s an online advertising technique in which marketers are compensated for every ad clicked on one of their adverts.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital advertising. A business pays a third-party promoter such as social media influencers and celebrities with a large following to send customers or leads to their website and entices them to buy products and avail services. Affiliates are paid a commission to create new methods to promote the firm.


How to Start Digital Marketing?

If you want a business to flourish and thrive using digital marketing, you must understand and learn the utilized strategies.  It might take a few times to master, but your hard work will undoubtedly lead to success. 

If you are included in the group of people who cannot grasp the idea of digital marketing, or you do not have the time and resources to learn. In that case, agencies online run their business based on helping their customers use digital marketing to their advantage. The only drawback is you have to pay for their services instead of using that many to improve other aspects of your business.



Although some people might still prefer the traditional way of advertising, digital marketing is on the rise. Because most people living in modern society use the internet daily without fail, it created an opportunity to expand and reach customers quickly. It is indeed a new era that will surely prove helpful even in the following years to come.

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