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This Message Will Self-Destruct In 24 hours

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The title of this blog isn’t a joke or parody of Mission Impossible; it’s actually a fact. You see, the world of communications is changing due to new entrants like social media. In this post, I’m going to explain the impact of these changes in communications and how you can address them.

The impact of new media communications

Have you noticed that everywhere on the cloud that you sign into, there’s a stream of information to read and digest? When life was simple, we only had emails to contend with. Now we have RSS feeds, alerts, Facebook streams, Tweets, Youtube videos, Slideshare presentations, Foursquare updates, LinkIn updates and so on.

Each of these pieces of information only lasts for 24 hours, before new information takes its place.

But what effect does this have?

This stream of constantly-changing information leads to:

1) A more rapid pace of life
2) Inefficient time management
3) Information overload

A more rapid pace of life

We have become conscious that so much is happening in a short space of time. What’s interesting, is that this amount of information was ALWAYS there. The issue is that what we see; we are compelled to take notice of. As we become aware of information constantly, we quicken our pace to match the pace of the information.

Inefficient time management

What should we take notice of when? What can we afford to miss? What’s priority? What do we miss as a result of noticing something unimportant? I want you to consider how much time you spend on Facebook, reading jokes, liking funny tails, clicking on ads for fashion or watching embedded music videos. If you are biting your lip, then you’re guilty of being inefficient with information.

Information overload

It takes time to absorb data at a resonable pace. Information at a rapid pace can result in information overload.Suddenly you realise just how much informationis pouring in and that you can’t interact with it all.

Information breeds and so do the number of platforms. Each one you sign upto is a source of even more information. It is a vivious circle as we strive for knowledge to read and  share on a continual basis

Addressing these new media changes

Some nice simple solutions:

  • Prioritize and concentrate on what is important for you to know and share immediately. Rid yourself of the rest.
  • Segment this information into groups or lists and use filters.
  • FB filering filters.
  • Twitter lists
  • Plan when you will interact and be strict with yourself on this.
  • Plan your own information updates (who do you want to interact, when is the best time) and be considerate of how much you are sharing.
  • Looks at ways of ‘ramping up’ your updates so that they reach as wide an audience as possible within 24 hours.
  • Save links etc in a notepad file and read when you get a chance. You don’t have to read everything all at once.

What tips do you have to share?

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