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The Two Biggest SEO Trends In 2014

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In the world of search engine optimization, it seems like every year there is a new big trend. There are some tactics and tricks that work for so long, and than get over-used and become grey hat and spammy and they lose their effectiveness. These aren’t the trends covered here.

What we will cover here are two trends that you can use in SEO that are safe, effective, and future proof.

#1. The Rise of Content Marketing

Content marketing is nothing new. It has been around for years, but just recently took a huge stride in the new way “to do SEO” in 2013. Brands need to be constantly creating content that answers a searcher’s question or tells a great shareable story. With the constant growth of new features across social media, we can now target buyer personas of our potential customers better than we ever could before.

Getting it in front of industry experts and social influencers helps get it to reach those interested in your niche; gaining you brand awareness, new customers, leads and hopefully more conversions. Google correlates these social signals in their ranking algorithms, but it is more correlation than causation right now. With the expansion of social it will surely come more into play in terms of SEO.

The use of content amplifier services like Outbrain and Cision offer get your content in front of your audience on authoritative sites like CNN, US Weekly, Rolling Stone, Reuters and more. Content marketing shouldn’t be confused with link building though. While great content will get links through outreach and inbound marketing, it is not the sole purpose content marketing; rather just an additional benefit of it.

#2. Importance of a Mobile Ready Website

Mobile and responsive design are also a big trend in SEO. No matter what industry you are in, you are now getting more and more traffic from smartphones and tablets so you need to adapt your website to be optimized for these visitors.

The optimization, not only aesthetically and visually, but also optimizing for search engines is extremely important when designing any website. Mobile and responsive design are so important because everything on your website needs to be strategically placed on the site.

For example, when viewed on a mobile device your lead gens, forms, products, services, and anything important stays near the top and doesn’t get pushed to the very bottom. Conversion optimization is a huge factor when developing mobile ready sites. Always be split A/B testing to see which landing pages convert better.

If you aren’t capable of creating or optimizing your own website, find a good web developer that can. Finding one can be a bit tricky, so be sure to find out everything a web developer wouldn’t tell you, and know what questions to ask them before you hire one.

Content also still comes into play when doing mobile or responsive design. Your tags still need to be optimized and your content on page needs to relevant, keyword-rich but not heavy, and precise.

Putting it All Together

So when it comes down to maximizing your potential for your website, you need to keep in mind the growing trends of having a site that is not only optimized for tablets and smartphones, but also for search engines. By creating engaging and resourceful content you will begin to gain trust in the eyes of your industry and search engines, gaining you more authority and getting your content to rank higher.

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