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The travel revolution melt

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I don’t know about you, but I tend to find that reading anything technical these days is a bit on the heavy side.
The interest is there, but somewhere around the third paragraph my eyes begin to roll into my head and I find that only force of  will and persistance get me to the end (that, and a few cups of tea!).

So in a bid to keep you reading, I’ve decided to take a different route and let my taste buds do the talking (after all, we all like food right?).

The travel industry burst through the internet doors and saw growth the size of a giant ice-cream, so it isn’t surprising that the positive trend is continuing to grow due to some serious travel mobile apps.

Introducing the technology, software development and marketing sandwich; a rich but satisfying layered blend of perfection.
Applications designed to enhance the user experience by using on-site options direct from your mobile device.

For those of you with an appetite for all things technical, sink your teeth into:

  • GPS integration through your phone for travel-related searches in real time – seamless, smooth and instant
  • Historic building information in the click of a button – the full-fact guide
  • Product-related overlay articles – a juicy and handy accompaniment
  • Blended online search options in line with human thinking – rich alternative to mathmatical


This is the future my friend; the technology and travel melt. A delicious fusion of programmable flavours and marketing spices.
And is isn’t as far away as Australia!
In fact, many succulent apps are already available…

The travel industry has never been shy of experimental technology drizzled in customisable media.

  • The internet booking transition was mearly a sidestep, and a cost-effective one at that
  • User-generated instant feedback, yet another great leap for reputation building and allowed customer service to again move into  main course postion
  • Video content and 3D imaging offered by the likes of VFM
  • Social media ‘mash’ ups and integration, 2009’s hottest travel leader

Check out these tasty 2010 AR apps. Bon appetite!

The current trending of software and i-phone-related jobs indicates a distinct shift to apps and mobile technology.
Open source development is much sought after. Even Google has launched the ‘Android Developer Challenge‘ which awards Android platform apps.

Your say
What mouth-watering technologies and apps are in the pipeline and how will this affect travel and other industries?

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