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The 10 Tell-Tale Signs Of Social Burnout

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Who’d have thought it – Facebook made it past the two year fad milestone, Twitter put ‘tweet’, ‘tweeps’ and twitterati’ on the map, and Google+ planted itself in the middle with a virtual beaming smile. If we add Bebo, LinkedIn, forums, blogs and Branch out to the growing following – I ask one question.

Has social media made us too socialable?


Before the days of social media (yes, there was a day, like the days before mobile phones and TV), we saved our social interactions for networking events, for coffee mornings, and those few daily phone calls.  Now, suddenly, every second is social interaction. We are permanently in the moment, on the go, plugging, chatting, appealing, complimenting, reviewing, advertising, collaborating and promoting; day in, day out, blah, blah, blah.

So, I ask another question.

How much ‘social’ is comfortable?

You may think this a bizarre question, but to sustain that ‘in the moment zing’ should social interactions be a bit more spaced out? Should we be spending time ‘building up to the social’, or should we just let it flow over us and sweep us along?

And could all this social media lead to social burnout?

The tell-tale signs of social burnout

You’ve hit the social wall – you can’t talk the talk any longer. Are your audience aware – Did Mark Zuckerberg co-create Facebook?? I say yessss.

So, the signs in downward spiral order:

  1. A lack of zest in your comments and tweets
  2. No innovative ideas
  3. Tired, worn-out phases
  4. A dull Facebook page
  5. Seriously uninventive blog posts
  6. Going back to the hard sell
  7. Begging for comments and likes
  8. A decrease in social activity
  9. Talking nonsense
  10. Getting your son, daughter, the next neighbour; anybody other than you to handle the activity

How to fix social burnout

While this could be a blog post all on it’s own, I’d hate to list the symptoms and offer no cure.

  1. Here’s a few tips to put you back in the social gamePlan your activity – Having a plan will give you something to follow and will stopped your posts drying up
  2. Use a strategy – Devise a strategy with aims and objectives to keep your momentum up
  3. Post when you’re in the mood and have something to say, not in a regimented style and for the sake of it
  4. Keep things fresh and update your page, background and theme often – If you are bored looking at the same design, then so are your fans and friends
  5. Look at other pages, sites, anywhere to gain inspiration and jot down your ideas – Integrate these ideas into your plan and drip-feed them to your audience to keep them engaged

Have you suffered from social burnout? What did you so to solve it?
Any more tips?

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