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The Social Media Secret Formula: Treat It Like A Courtship

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Has anyone else noticed the similarity between social media and a courtship? A number of key terminology certainly suggests it is, so if we treat social media like a courtship, then maybe we can use it as a formula for improving our performance.

He’s a little example story…

First ImpressionsI like you

At the beginning of every relationship, we have that all-important first impression. This might be a name, brand, comment, article, image, event or promotion. Whatever it is, we’re hooked.

(Impressions here can also correspond to FB’s new impressions feature in Insights).

Asking to be Friends

Like a lovesick puppy and feeling slightly nervous, I take a step into the unknown and ask to be friends. How about it ‘Company X’? I’m tickled pink when you accept.

Begin Courting

Arhhh that lovely feeling of courting. I follow you and you follow me back. It’s exciting and we’re keen to get to know each other through info, photos, friends etc. We’re trying to suss out what we have in common for us to develop a deeper relationship. I need to find topics that we can discuss and tune in to your thoughts and views. I’m watching your likes, dislikes, personality and friends. If it hits the spot, we won’t need cupid!

Start a Relationship

Its official – the relationship has begun. I’m interested in your topics and you appear to be looking at mine quite a bit. I’m actively monitoring all your discussions and starting to read and comment on some of your blogs. You referred me to one of your clients. In fact, I’ve enlisted to help at one of your events next month and have persuaded two of my friends to come along…for the craic of course.

Forming a Commitment

Our relationship has been progressing and we’re collaborating almost daily on ideas, so we decide to commit and form a Group. My two friends loved your event and asked to join. Your workmate Lisa and a guy called Dave, who does a lot of speaking at events has also joined. It’s happy days and we’re getting along like mashed potatoes and sausages. Our group are like gravy.

Thinking about Engagement

Now our little group has grown because Dave, the speaker, recommended a pal of his from the US who he happened to mention our ideas to. He thinks that engaging strategically online will help to get out ideas out there; a bit of extra coverage.

A Marriage of minds

Dave’s friend Roy has also enlisted his sister Kay who is heavily into social media and we’ve all devised a way of working together and are becoming somewhat well-known in the social world.

Its great the way I say something and Lisa blogs about it, then Kay does a survey and shares it. Dave likes to use our example in his talks.

Part of the plan is to comment and share on each other’s submissions online. Our minds and ideas are all in sync we are exerting influence over others online.

Remaining Loyal

We interact daily, because we all have a common goal. We’re like a big happy family, and even when Dave had the flu or Kay broke her leg, we all helped each other out online. Me and Company X are off on a trip later this year and have both booked a couple of extra days to chill out.

Did you pick out all the useful points which increased performance?

What did you notice about the relationship and what made it successful?

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