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The Difference Between Generating $100 And $1,000 Online Hides In Your Writing Ability

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Do you blog or promote affiliate programs? Then maybe you’re writing the content yourself or perhaps outsourcing this part to other experienced individuals. Regardless, you need to know why, and how, your writing ability or your team’s writing skills can make the difference between generating some extra money vs. building a strong and thriving business.

In my 10 years online, I had to learn not just how to write persuasively and in a compelling way, but train others how to do so on my behalf and for my businessI am a dedicated affiliate coach. Health is my favorite industry. I have plenty of writers whom I hire part time and a dedicated full time content producing team I rely on. These guys craft articles and blog posts for myself and clients all day long.

Outsourcing is the core of my online ventures. Without it, I’d be only making about $3 to $5k a month, writing and promoting the content all by myself. When you outsource content to others, just like anything else in a business, you multiply yourself, your time and your skills tenfold.

Only when you know what it takes to write to sell, or should I say “pre-sell”, an idea or a product, can you successfully train and guide others; i.e. your outsourcing/writing team.  This will free up your time, and allow you to work on your business, instead of inside it.

There are three types of writers I’d like to talk about:-

# 1. Part time writers

This is the widest available category. You can find them working for clients and writing for others – individuals, businesses, corporations, etc. They can be found on sites such as Odesk, Guru or Elance, just to name three of the most popular freelancing platforms however there are plenty of others.

These writers are usually new in the game, or beginners. Thus, they can accept any rate or a low price per article. You’ll find some talented writers working for peanuts. They write on any topic – and because of that, they lack real experience or knowledge on a specific subject. These are what I call “generalist” writers. They’re good for research, rather than insightful writing.

# 2. Full time writers

This category is not rare, but most of the time comes with a price. That’s because they usually work for multiple clients, and have little room for new gigs. If your proposal sounds terrific both from the subject and financial perspective, you might attract some hot partners into your team or even find a TOP writer you’ll want to keep for yourself.

They are skilled researchers and very talented wordsmiths. You cannot fail with them. There are exceptions of course. That’s why I recommend that you test your writer before you hire him or her – this is what I do in my business.

What you do is simple:-

  • You ask them to write  a 400-word sample on your favorite or required subject.
  • You give them detailed and specific instructions. That’s one way, probably the best, to weed out serious and skilled writers at this level from the rest.
  • If you notice a writer is good with words, but weak with research, will you hire him or her?
  • If your test shows the individual is both a good researcher and writer, but overlooks some important details, would you hire him or her? Only you can answer that.

Most business owners/niche marketers rarely test their writers, and barely give them writing instructions. Or, their instructions are not easy to grasp, or lack some essential aspects like title, keywords and reference links for inspirational purposes.

# 3. 24/7 writers

They’re not just skilled researches, but passionate writers. They write with pride, dignity, care. Often conversational in style…Peppering their content with relevant comparisons, anecdotes and stories. Always talking from experience, not rehashing somebody else’s content. These guys are pros and don’t come cheap.

They know through experience how to conduct proper research and usually are masters of one niche. These are the so called authority bloggers in their space. They write stellar content, and produce premium articles, podcasts, videos and info products.

They’re not for hire – or very rarely, but more for fun or skill enhancement rather than money. Some of them are open to partnership deals or you can propose to co-build a blog or a product. Or at least, study their business model and become one of them yourself, sooner or later.

These are just 3 names that pop into mind; pro bloggers and hot content fabrics. What is their secret to success? Let Benjamin Franklin answer that for us… “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

These guys recognize the power of content marketing and invest most of their time and revenue back into their site and are always producing premium content. That’s how I was able to build a large empire of niche sites and a unique private network of affiliate blogs myself.

Without content, you, I and everybody else is like a skilled gardener with a big empty garden. Your content is your seed. Have plenty of it. Inundate the blogosphere with your content. Articles, guest posts, blog comments, PDF reports, SlideShare files, YouTube videos, iTune podcasts, and so forth…

That’s how you generate traffic and pull-in the sales. Leave advertising for others! Do you have something to add to this post? Do you have any questions?

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