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Targeting Men Vs Women: 4 Ways Social Media Impacts Ecommerce Industry

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Social Media Marketing is in its phase of improvement. The nervousness about how new mediums will give results is over, as the atmosphere of high acceptance for anything technology, resolves this. Anyone with a new business idea has an exposure to the number of relevant media apps that can help him with exposure to the target interest.

More than ever increased filters available to calculate data makes all businesses more hopeful to recalculate the expectations of response. A closer look at this data draws a clear line between how men and women use their social media accounts. Also, social media filled with a fair history and examples in its big frame gives us a fair view of different standards that men and women follow for their every life decision which of course includes buying as well. So, we thought to look into it a bit deeper.

Who Cares and Why?

Everyone who is selling and purchasing or even facilitating the processes from behind the screen wants to understand the future prospects in a more defined way. Our cravings to know what impacts and brings every single thing that we see in our feeds makes us the part of this empowered and informed society. But, that’s the end result of it!

Think about liking a post, video or page on social media, if it triggers your mind for more than one second, is there a chance that you would accept an invitation of one of their event? Yes? Then you can also be their future customer. But, the reason why you actually see a video may be because you are already that event manager’s or brand’s target. The gender-based study that exposes aspects of how marketing is thinking about you and you are acting as a result.

Let’s dig into how humans are being targetted.

#1. Online Connections that Female Prefers Vs Male

Clearly more people on the internet since few years ago has made connectivity bright on every screen and mind. It was never as easy to meet the people with their hearts falling for the same idea, as it now is. But who is more open to these connections? Men or Women? And what they find is where the real answers are hidden for eCommerce.

Contrary to men who want their shopping experience to be straight forward and easy, for women it tends to be about many social aspects at a time. According to an online research in infographics of Ecommerce Platforms, for women their each shopping decision has to have a background. Therefore, for them following an inspiring personality, a particular style or movements like body activism is more natural. Also, these experiences make a strong impact on their purchasing decision and the behavior is at least two years old, thus mature. The millions of followers that a successful blogger has on their website and jumping on their Instagram does outcast the traffic that even the biggest magazines attract, as stated in a research about blogger’s influence in 2014.

Does it mean that emotional attachment to the personalities and shopping decisions may be on the same line for women? Yes it does. As for men, they tend to make use of instantly available resources and even if they like an experience at a certain website too much they may remember it for next time but there is only little emotional following involved in the process.

#2. How Social Media may Increase Spending Confidence

While the emotional aspect clearly leads all of us to think that women would spend anything and everything for a good online shopping experience, reality is different. A very recent post published at Slate tells us that men have spent $10 more on their online purchases which were for clothes and accessories.

For Women:

From what has discovered, women are more dependent on their shopping cycle and don’t make a decision to purchase until all the requirements are met. The controllers of 60% of personal wealth in US surprisingly follow the frugal opportunities to buy everything, even clothes. Besides, visuals, coupons play an important role in their stay or go. An interaction on social media which online women are very open to, may lead to loyalty for a brand if a proper interaction and savings opportunity is offered.

With short messages, thoughtful content and direct offers on social media, it is easier to boost the buying confidence of the female consumer. When and How much discounts? The open mediums make that easy too. Everything online is there for brands to notice events and competitor strategies and fast counter-marketing strategies may go in favor of any brand.

For Men:

It’s basically about ease for them and so their interest peaking in mobile shopping is quite obvious. Their stability about the initial idea doesn’t lack the value for research and detail. For businesses, who are targeting to sell to men may generate more interest by giving the men customizable options which are highly valued by this gender. Younger men have shown sound interest for discounts too but if the checkouts and categories are not simple to use, your male customers are more likely to pass.

#3. Improved Friendliness between Brands and Customers

When it comes to personal level connection, women would appreciate it more than men. Even on the first stage of their knowing the brand, women would allow their time for discussions if their industry peaks, opposed to men who would like direct purchases more. The demanding creature, aka women, will consider lots of finish in the final offer to make the buying decision but there is one thing that can amplify this process at once. And that is a meaningful interaction. Give them a reason to talk or discuss anything and this engagement may lead to a sale and recommendations, and even a sense of belonging.

Stats tell us that women open mails more than men. Also, they tend to spend more time on social media to discuss a brand offer and will be open to public discussions to examine the offer closely. For brands who are ready to spread, defend and respond to the customer query this may always trigger women faster.

#4. How Brand Strategies Change as a Result!

From knowing what colors do they like to which intermediaries are important, brands have lots of information on their hands to take benefit from. If women like the colors more and men like the search options more defined and both are your target, the balance of the features are the key to success.

However, the marketing powers do not apply in its full form until the brands keep right track of where their consumers are and where they will be in the near future.

Understanding, how all of these mediums of social interactivity are different from each other helps brands project appropriate content which is the only secret to rule. Because the marketing powers do not apply in full form until the brands keep right on track of where their consumers are and where they will be in the near future.

The information about very personal interests based on gender and age makes it more material for the planners to form that deep connection. Clear, simple and fun ideas in a box with good shopping value can make your customer stop and shop and that’s the only way to do it.

Are you fulfilling the emotional, personal and logical aspects that are important for your customers? Only then are you making the most of your social media accounts.

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