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Which Strategy Produces More Qualified Leads, Search Or Social Media?

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When a company is committed to attract as many prospects as possible, its efforts need to be funnelled through a priority strategy. It’s the only way to maximize the results, because giving equal efforts to multiple approaches lessens its impact.

Hence, a company also needs to determine which strategy to focus on.

In today’s marketing landscape, it’s very easy to be convinced that social media is the “Messiah” that sustains the presence of brands in the minds of the people. The evidence is everywhere – the mere exposure and potential for interaction are overwhelming, and everybody is jumping into the runaway carriage. However, does it hit the bottom line?

Where search beats social

There’s a huge difference between presenting something to someone and someone looking for something. When people use search engines, they are looking for something that they’re already interested in.

In social media, you still have to “convince” people to be interested by exposure; however, every marketer knows that mere exposure is not the sole objective of marketing. While social media does absorb all the attention, it doesn’t guarantee conversion because it may not be what people actually want.

For instance, if your business is looking for a firm that would manage your IT operations,

  • you won’t go browsing on Facebook,
  • you won’t search “Managed IT services” on Twitter and read related tweets,
  • you don’t go asking your connections on LinkedIn,
  • and you definitely won’t look for videos on YouTube.

What you would normally do is go to Google and search.

Marketers only need to know what people search for and how they would be introduced to the business. Meanwhile, to be fair, there’s also a flip side to the match-up.

Where social beats search

Exposure and engagement are the best assets of social media marketing. People may not deliberately look for content on social networking sites, but there are ways to deliver them to the right people at the right time. And that process of delivery, as well as the content it carries, is both customizable and entertaining.

That means the marketing approach can be twisted with such freedom of creativity and appeal. Marketers can create content based on certain demographics, interests, location or trend. It may not accurately give what people need, but the way they are presented can be something that people appreciate. And that’s where social media thrives in.


So which approach is ultimately best for your business? Well, only you and your team could possibly know that. Invest sufficient time in weighing both options; consider your resources, evaluate your targets, and understand your audience. There’s always a good choice when you put enough brains into it.

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