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Starting A Business? 5 Tips On Crowdsourcing Logos

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Crowdsourcing logos expedites the creative process by providing access to a pool of highly talented international designers, which means 24/7 access to artists. It also gives you a wide range of design options to choose from, with each designer vying for a chance to win.

The following tips will help you set up a crowdsourcing contest that attracts quality submissions from the best designers:

# 1. Supply in-depth information about your company and the type of logo that you desire

Be sure to list the attributes that set your business apart from its competitors, such as local ownership, long-term experience or a commitment to recycling. Tell designers how you intend to use the logo. If you need a design that looks good in black and white or a variety of color combinations, remember to mention this. The more detail you provide, in a concise brief, the more likely the designer is to hit the mark.

# 2. Specify the appropriate level of detail

This depends on where you plan to display, stamp or print the logo. A finely textured 3-D logo may look great on a website. However, your company’s receipt printer, promotional product supplier or sign painter might not reproduce it accurately. Keep in mind that many major corporations use simple, minimalistic logos because they’re versatile and easy to recognize.

# 3. Clearly state the file format, resolution and color depth that you prefer

If you want to print your new logo on documents or paint it on a sign, consider limiting the number of colors. High-resolution, vector files are a must, as they look great in many different sizes and are universally accepted by printers. Before agreeing to an image format, confirm that suppliers can work with the file type – including opening, modifying and converting it.

# 4. When logo contests promise substantial prizes, more designers enter them

Designers also devote extra effort to these competitions. The typical logo crowdsourcing project costs between $250 and $300, according to Think about offering a more substantial prize if you need an important company logo that you plan to use for several years. On the other hand, you could pay somewhat less for a one-time event logo.

# 5. Be sure to establish clear contest guidelines and legal terms

It’s crucial for your organization to gain exclusive rights to the winning design. All crowdsourcing platforms as part of their terms of use will stipulate that legal ownership of the winning design is transferred to the client. If you use a logo crowdsourcing service like DesignCrowd, it will supply a legal agreement that all designers must accept.

An enticing prize and some extra planning will ensure that your logo crowdsourcing contest delivers the desired results. Remember that it takes considerable time and effort to develop an appealing logo. When you carefully assess your goals and write detailed instructions, designers can use their time more efficiently. This increases the chance that one of the designers will create the perfect logo for your new business.

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