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Statistics Showing Why Your Business Needs to Utilize Instagram

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If you are doing any amount of business online and still aren’t using Instagram, you need to reconsider your digital marketing strategy. Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools for business, especially those that conduct any percentage of their transactions on the internet. Using this popular platform can be a great way to interact with existing customers, reach out to potential new customers, and convert more clicks into profitable sales.

There is nothing to lose when you utilize Instagram to supplement your marketing plan. If you still aren’t convinced, consider some of the following statistics from this infographic from Gramlike and see why Instagram is the perfect tool for your business.

500 million daily users

This statistic alone should be enough to convince you to try your hand at marketing on Instagram. With 500 million users logging into Instagram every day, you have a whole new world of potential clients that you can reach out to. With well-placed ads and a focus on organic growth, your organization has the opportunity to take advantage of Instagram’s massive client base.

59% of Instagram users are under 30 years old

The youth demographic is often a volatile and difficult one to market to, but Instagram makes it easier thanks to how much young people dominate the platform. With newsfeeds constantly being updates, your marketing specialists can stay on top of the current trends among young people, helping to develop a sound strategy to penetrate that demographic. Another benefit is that users under 30 years old are more likely to share and discuss posts with their friends, so your posts may get more exposure when you use Instagram. Young people are some of the most active when it comes to making Instagram purposes, so it is important to corner that market.

A large portion of Instagram users make more than $75,000 a year

There is a pretty sizeable portion of users who seem to have plenty of disposable income. You can target your advertisements towards them depending on what you are selling, and you may have better success making conversions. Traditional advertising routes don’t necessarily account for these types of demographics, but with Instagram, you can maximize your exposure to the people who may be the most willing to buy your product. That way, you won’t have to waste money on ads that are seen people who would never purchase in the first place.

Over 30% of users have purchased something from Instagram

Again, you are playing the odds in your favor when you use Instagram. The advertising platform makes it convenient and easy to use, meaning that people will be more likely to buy something while they are browsing Instagram. The fact that over 30% of users have purchased something on the platform is astounding. For certain product lines, you can’t even get that kind of conversion rate at a brick and mortar store! Online shopping is already immensely popular, and Instagram’s target ads are helping businesses to more efficiently promote their products.

Instagram has 10 times the engagement rate as Facebook

Facebook is another useful platform for any business, but many users are more passive while browsing Facebook than with Instagram. On Instagram, users are far more likely to click on your ads and engage with your account than they are on Facebook. In general, this will lead to more conversions and an increased amount of interest in your brand. When certain users engage, their followers will see this, and it may cause them to engage as well, creating a viral effect. Instagram is a highly interactive platform, and your business can benefit greatly from this. 

Over 2 million monthly active advertisers

Instagram has become an advertiser’s dream, and there are many that can help you learn the ropes and get your name out to the wide audience that the platform provides. Whether you want to create your own ads or enlist the help of a professional service, there are plenty of options to boost your promotional abilities.

Over 25 million business profiles

In addition to an increased exposure to individual shoppers, your company can interact with a wide range of other businesses on Instagram. This can help you find vendors, business-to-business customers, and even partners that can partake in combined promotions and cross-advertising strategies. If you follow particular businesses, their follower might even decide to follow you back in return, giving you even more exposure to a relevant and captive audience. You can also interact with the followers of these businesses which could help you find certain niche and target markets for your products and services.

Over 95 million shares per day

Instagram users share over 95 million posts per day. If just one influential user shares your post, you may be opened up to an entire population of people who have never heard of your brand. This domino effect of shares can truly help your business reach people in different corners of the world that you would have never thought possible. Sharing posts has become the new word-of-mouth when it comes to grassroots advertising, and Instagram is the top platform for doing so.

60% of online adults have Instagram accounts

Reaching out to the young people is important, but adults are the ones with more disposable income, so it is nice to know that many of them are using Instagram. They will like, follow, and engage with posts and may end up buying something from your company if they like what they see. The fact that so many adults are active on Instagram is a good sign for anybody that wants to gain exposure in the online world.

Brands on Instagram with over 100k followers have grown by 163% in the past 2 years

This statistic really tells the story of why Instagram is so important. If you can utilize Instagram to gain a massive following, the profit will follow. Viral advertising has become immensely important in the business world, and utilizing Instagram is one of the most sound business decisions you can make.

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