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Social Media Tools that Elevate the Popularity of Your Website

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All websites are different, but the goals of their owners are quite similar: they want to attract as much traffic as possible, and they want to boost the reputation of the site. Social media activity is a mandatory part of the plan of any website owner who wants to achieve those aims. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and other platforms of this type can easily boost the popularity of your project.

This is what most website owners and marketers do: they create pages on all social media and post links to their pages. That’s only a small part of a proper social media marketing strategy. You have to develop a detailed plan and use the right tools that will help you promote the website in the best light. You won’t attract many fans and followers with a random presence on social media; you have to get your message in front of the right target audience and inspire the readers to communicate with you through these platforms.

Here are some social media tools that will help you establish strong presence on social media:

#1. Dailymotion, YouTube and Vimeo

Social media users, especially the ones who access their feeds through mobile, are very attracted to video content. Now that videos play automatically on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you have great chances of attracting more audience towards your website if you promote it through videos.

The most obvious choice of a video hosting platform is YouTube, but don’t limit yourself with it. Dailymotion is great for serious, longer videos, and Vimeo is awesome because it plays the content without any ads.

#2. Google Analytics

Wait, how is Google Analytics a social media tool? Well, it tells you where your visitors come from. If you created your profiles on different platforms, it’s important to know whether or not your efforts are effective. How many visitors do you have on Facebook? Have you implemented a new strategy to communicate with your audience there? Has the strategy changed anything in those numbers?

In its essence, Google Analytics helps you learn a lot about your audience. It tells you how long the visitors stayed on your website, so you’ll be able to evaluate if those click baits you’ve been posting on Facebook are productive, or the users who click on them bounce off immediately.

#3. QuillEngage

Google Analytics reports are not easy to understand. You want to get that data in plain English? QuillEngage comes as a nice addition to your Google Analytics reports. It scans them and shows the information you need: who enjoyed your content and which influencers accessed your website.

Do you know what to do when you get those details? Follow these people on social media. They can become your faithful supporters if they see such feedback from your side. You get one Google Analytics view with the Free plan, up to 3 views with the Basic plan, and 10 with the Premium plan, which costs $49.99 per month.

#4. IceRocket

In order to evaluate the success of your website, it’s important to see what social media users are saying about it. IceRocket is a great tool that enables you to insert a keyword and search for mentions on blogs and social media platforms.

The report will give you a hint for your success on different social media websites, so you’ll know where you need to focus more of your energy in your future activity.


No one wants to see lengthy links posted as social media statuses. You can get rid of long links on Facebook and Twitter and still get the viewers to click where you need them to, but sometimes you still need – an online tool that shortens any URL into a cute, functional format.

This is why is so valuable: it tells you how many times people clicked on that link. That’s a great way to see if your efforts on social media are giving something in return.

#6. ManageFlitter

The main strategy to get followers on Twitter is to be the first one who follows active, influential users and get the favor back. This approach is quite effective, because people feel like you noticed them, and they are willing to follow back immediately. However, your usage of Twitter can become a bit complicated when you’re following too many users. You will find it difficult to notice the trending themes in a cluttered feed.

The best thing to do is to get rid of the people who aren’t following you back. That’s when ManageFlitter comes on stage – the tool gives you such list of users, and you can unfollow them all with a single click. That’s not all! The tool also discovers accounts that are worthy of your attention, so you can follow them and promote your website through those channels.

#7. Viralheat

This is another tool that enables you to discover what people are talking about your brand on social media websites. In addition, you can identify the trends on your social media channels, so you’ll find the best way to communicate with your audience. You can respond to the mentions and engage with the influencers to boost the reputation of your website.

The biggest value of Viralheat is information on your visitor’s engagement with the content you post.

#8. Buffer

When you’re maintaining a website and you make sure to keep it updated with fresh content on regular basis, it’s hard for you to devote too much time on social media activity. That doesn’t mean you can neglect this part of your marketing strategy; you just need to find a way to automate it. That’s what Buffer is all about – the tool enables you to connect all social media accounts, create a posting schedule, and relax.

Buffer will post the updates on the specified channels in the precise time you determine. As a result, you’ll save a lot of time and you’ll be able to be present on social media during peak hours.

#9. Socialbakers

You do your best to attract the attention of your audience through social media, but what are your competitors doing? You have to keep track of the trends in your market in order to keep up with the game and rank high on your target customer’s list of choices.

Socialbakers keeps you aware of the activities of your competition. You’ll gain insights into the growth of their channel and engagement rates. The Promoted Post Detection feature tells you about the subjects and posts that are popular with your audience.

#10. Topsy

Topsy is another tool that enables you to explore the competition. You can use its search engine to examine any topic or competitor’s brand name. You’ll get results in the form of influencers, videos, photos, tweets, links, or everything combined, depending on the way you adjust your preferences.

The Social Trends section enables you to search for the hottest Twitter topics related to your niche. For example, if you’re planning to launch a post or social media update related to the presidential elections, you can use Topsy to see the context in which this topic is popular. Then, you can adjust your style to attract more audience.

#11. LastPass

Okay, so you have your private profiles on several social media sites, but you also have to maintain the ones that promote your website. Since it’s not recommended to use the same password for different websites, you have to think of variations and you are never able to remember which password went with a particular profile. It’s okay; you don’t have to keep a list with passwords and usernames – that would put your privacy in danger.

LastPass remembers all important passwords and usernames, so it will automatically fill them in. All you need to remember is the LastPass password. The tool is extremely secure, so you don’t need to worry about attacks.

#12. KingSumo Headlines

Which headlines attract the most attention on social media? You’ve surely noticed some headlines that were so intriguing that you couldn’t resist visiting the websites. That’s the effect you should aim for when you’re creating website content that will be promoted on social media.

KingSumo Headlines offers automatic headline optimization for your blog posts. Since most websites feature blogs as a great marketing tool for promoting high-quality content and ranking high on search engines, it’s very important for the team to think about the headlines that attract audience from social networks. The tool is very simple: first you write as many titles as you can think of, and then KingSumo shows different versions to visitors when they share the post. In some time, you’ll be aware of the best-performing version and you’ll use that one.

The Right Social Media Tools Make Your Website More Attractive

No business can function without proper tools. When you’re thinking about boosting the popularity of your website, you have to work on the social media marketing strategy. Thanks to the list of 12 social media tools provided above, you already have a starting point. Now, it’s time to develop a plan and commit to it.

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