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Understand the worth of ‘likes’ on Instagram and other social media channels

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No digital marketing strategy can afford to exclude social media marketing due to its immense power in creating outreach and engagement. There is solid evidence that social media is a very powerful means of marketing even for businesses that do not have any connection with it. One of the reasons for using social media for marketing is that it demonstrates the results very objectively as evident from the ‘likes’ and followers that you see on every social media channel like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Marketers find this aspect most tempting because the results are quantitative, verifiable and logical.

Instagram is a cut above the rest and the most popular platform for digital marketing although it does not provide the opportunity of buying and selling. The scope of business promotion and marketing on Instagram is almost endless which is why it figures in the marketing strategy of nearly every business, big or small.  Brand building is at its best by using Instagram that allows marketers to deliver a visual story that contributes immensely in building the brand personality and enhances the trust and credibility with the targeted audience.

Gathering maximum ‘likes’ is the aim

Creating an impressive Instagram profile for business marks the beginning of the process of launching a marketing campaign that heavily relies on gathering ‘likes’ which reflect the success level of campaigns. Therefore, it is natural that all campaigns aim at generating the maximum number of ‘likes’ by adopting suitable strategies that also include acquiring Instagram auto like. Uploading visuals on Instagram will attract viewers who acknowledge the content in the form of ‘likes’ and the process as you can understand is completely organic. However, it takes time to increase the number of likes organically and to expedite the process marketers can buy automatic Instagram likes that increase the number of ‘likes’ dramatically within the shortest time. By hiring the services of a company that sells automatic likes for Instagram, you can buy real likes of any amount by paying some fees.

More is better

The concept of gathering maximum ‘likes’ seems to be quite logical because when any post receives a high number of ‘likes’ viewers get attracted to it assuming that it must be something good and become eager to be a part of the crowd that likes it.  Therefore, numbers help to attract new followers who contribute new ‘likes’ and make the numbers look more impressive. It enhances the chances of some viewers responding and taking some action even if they are not loyal to your brand. However, this is just a possibility and does not illustrate the reality which could be somewhat different. The number of ‘likes’ neither points to the amount of revenue generated nor the extent of brand awareness achieved because within the numbers are many users who are indifferent and passive. This illustrates the importance of considering the quality of ‘likes’ by focusing on the type of followers.

Numbers are not as crucial for business as you think

Admitting that some users are more valuable than others with respect to achieving the business goals it becomes clear that the number of ‘likes’ can be misleading if not interpreted by considering its true worth in the right perspective of the business.  Interaction of users with brands is most important for businesses and only a few users among the huge number who have contributed ‘likes’ truly stay connected with the brand through consistent and active participation on the social media platform. Such users generate enormous influence on millions of other users.  The number of followers becomes inconsequential if the engagement level is low whereas having fewer but active followers can provide high returns for business by responding to your call of action. It paves the way for building a solid foundation for building and promoting brands that make the business grow.

Follow a method

Since you have realized that the quality of followers is important than the numbers, you must follow some process for adding followers that provide ‘likes’ that convey true value for the business. It is only possible when you offer value to viewers by posting high-quality content that they find interesting, useful and enjoyable, even worth of sharing with friends and acquaintances and they start following you closely.  Posting content that is relevant to the industry and brand that conveys value to viewers should help to generate engagement and build an audience who take a genuine interest in your brand by trying to know more about you and the brand as well as the business.

Beware of fake ‘likes.’

Numbers are essential to demonstrate the magnitude of your apparent popularity on social media, but little does it help to understand its impact on business. However, numbers attract new followers, and you must have some respectable numbers in your kitty instead of filtering out most of it. You can buy ‘likes’ provided these are real because the market is flooded with fake ‘likes’ that do not have any real people behind it and even if there are real people they do not take any interest in your brand.

Although such profiles might look real, it does no good for your business as they show no interest in your brand. The risk of fake ‘likes’ is very high because social media channels, as well as Google, uses advanced algorithms to detect fake ‘likes’ and banish the accused websites by suspending or deleting the accounts.  Do not use any insincere methods of gathering ‘likes’ that can jeopardize your marketing campaign.

Building a strong social media strategy based on creating quality content posted at the appropriate time that is completely relevant for the audience helps to build trust and generate engagement that paves the path for revenue generation.  The more active you are on social media and interact closely with your targeted audience higher will be the trust level that automatically increases the number of ‘likes’ when users find enough merit in the content. Remember that numbers become secondary when you look to extract real value from ‘likes’ that must have real people behind it who take a genuine interest in the brand.



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