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Storytelling on Social Media – an Excellent Tool to Engage Your Audience

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Engaging an audience is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in the world of online marketing. These days, people are bombarded by never-ending news and offers, and it is not possible for them to care about everything that comes their way.

This is one of the reasons why social media storytelling has become a powerful and essential tool to create content that resonates with your audience. Marketers try to emote and emphasize the power of the stories within their original content. Let’s learn how brand storytelling on social media can strengthen your relationship with the audience and boost brand awareness simultaneously.

Why Is Storytelling Important for Your Marketing Strategy?

You must have observed by now that being present on social media in order to succeed is not enough anymore. It has become a standard, and the importance of creating content that actually appeals to people is at its highest at the moment.

The status for today’s media is that content is king and that only engagement from your ideal audience can get any traction to a website or an online shop. However, more advanced companies in social media management also realize that good content is just not enough; it is all about telling a story.

You can observe a rise in the number of platforms that offer storytelling services and guides, like SmartFlows, for example, and there is a reason behind it. Brand storytelling is not a recent invention, but there is not a better solution to build relationships with potential clients, and social media is the platform to do it this decade. You can look at the growing trend for Instagram lives and Facebook lives and see it as an indicator of the efficiency of modern storytelling.

How to Make This Tool Work in Your Favor?

Using storytelling means more engaging posts, but there is some science behind it.

  • Stories engage multiple parts of your brain. They are even able to synchronize two minds together and establish a connection between the storyteller and the listener.
  • Storytelling triggers an emotional response, which makes it natural for people to remember stories more vividly than a simple message.
  • When a story is told, your brain releases more oxytocin that leads to a feeling of trust.
  • Relatable stories help in creating the strongest bond possible.
  • Finally, storytelling keeps your audience hungry for more and keeps them coming back, which helps build a loyal audience and a steady level of engagement.

In order to create storytelling that moves people, you need to remember that emotions and physical reactions inside the brain are what really makes your stories successful.

Successful Social Media Essentials

Now, before you start creating your brand story and the strategy for storytelling on your social media accounts, it is time to talk about the research involved if you wish to become an excellent storyteller. Here is all the information that you should have at your disposal before you start writing your first story.

The most important part of your research is getting to know your audience. The fundamental question is: who are you writing for? Without this type of knowledge, your stories will be neglected, and your marketing campaigns overlooked.

Another essential piece of information you should acquire is what kind of tone does your audience use. Formal or informal? Which approach to choose: serious and dramatic or loose and fun? These are questions that you should be asking yourself. It is also helpful to analyze what length of a story your audience is looking for as well as the optimal frequency of posting. When you figure out all those factors, you are on your way to commercial success.

Finally, the last piece of advice that you can use to your advantage is making your customers the heroes of your stories, especially when you are creating your brand story. People are interested more in what you can do for them, rather than your story, it’s natural.

Storytelling Techniques

There is this temptation to post only content related to sales, but that might not be the right course of action. Look at this tool as creating a relationship, and it takes time to build trust. The art of storytelling is a complex process, but there are a couple of proven techniques that work wonders for creating brand awareness.

Facebook Posts & Lives

When you post updates on your Facebook page, it is recommended that you focus on creating short stories, a narrative, rather than post information only. The report doesn’t create much excitement, but stories do. Be regular with your posting and ensure the quality of graphics that you attach. Encourage interaction as well as start a discussion, people love to share their opinions, and you can only benefit from that.

Facebook lives, or video messages are a great addition to your posts. They bring versatility to your online activity and, if done well, can attract even more attention than written content. Videos are an excellent way to create a personal connection with your audience and speak your truths while getting some new clients. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the DollarShaveClub story and see how many people responded.

Instagram Posts & Stories

Instagram is a platform that you should be using already; it’s one of the fastest-growing market places in the world when it comes to social media. It is also perhaps the most comfortable platform to use for storytelling. The Instagram community is honest, and you can always count on a reaction. Posts here are more centralized over opinions and stories, and you should definitely follow this path.

Another aspect ideal for storytelling on Instagram is the “stories feed”; the name says it all. This is a place where you can share short stories and measure the effectiveness of your activity. By posting stories, you are seen as an authentic brand that has genuine people behind it. Use a filter, play with every option and feature available on Instagram.


Storytelling is the perfect way to increase the engagement of your audience and build a brand. It is an opportunity to give your company an online persona and make it so much more than just a business. In business, more is what you want, and all you have to do is start sharing. Tell a story!

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