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An Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media Platforms for Your Business Promotion

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Social media presence has become a necessity for both small and large-scale businesses. If you own a business and you are still sitting back and watching the whole drama, then silence is no more an option. You need to hop in the movement. If you have a group of shoppers or if you are looking forward to having one, you need to be available online via social media.

Social media is easy. It’s feasible and fun at the same time. People do chase to explore something new, favorite, fascinating, usable, cheap, promotional, and much more on social media. Similarly, they keep talking about your product in many ways. If you don’t engage and win the conversation, you are likely to lose customers every day. Nowadays, the benefits of having a strong social media presence assure you of a profitable business. So, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular social media platforms that a large audience uses and get engaged through.

For making things easy to understand and clear, I have split my blog into two sections, both equally important. In the first section, we will explore what should be your personalized social media strategy for your business. While, in the second section, we will talk about the ways different social media platforms can be used for business promotion. Let’s start with the first section here:

Start With the Right Research

The first thing you need to do before getting into the social media craze is to access what you exactly want to achieve. You should assess what your assets are and what you want to promote. Your target audience should be outlined precisely. If this minor task is overlooked in the beginning, it may cause your dollars wasted on an erroneous strategy. Always, things done in the right way with the right strategy will help you save a lot of money as a reward for not putting negligence on any of the critical areas.

Make Social Media Accounts

The second task in the pipeline is to sign-up for your business account on social media. Different social media platforms allow you to create a business profile like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You are required to read the instruction carefully so that you may not lose any vital information that later may cause any hurdle. Take care of the security and other policies like Posting defamatory, derogatory, sensitive, provocative, or illegal content.

Hire a Social Media Manager

It’s important to sign-up for multiple social media networks to find your target audience from far and wide. However, managing a single network actively is not an easy task that can be handled along with other business-related tasks. To manage multiple social media platforms, hiring a social media manager who properly takes care of all your social networks is a sensible decision.

If your business start growing or is bigger where there is a need to handle a heap of data, you might need to hire a team for social media management. Social media managers like, Buffer, and Hootsuite are also helpful. You can post content, send friend requests, and add followers on multiple networks with the help of these social media managers.

Post Updates

Before start adding people to your network, make sure you have added enough engaging content on your network. When you add adding friends and followers, if your site is empty or not properly occupied, you may lose your followers. Whereas, if you have the right content on your network, it is going to grow through a chain of people who will connect with each other.

Provide your audience with valuable information about the industry. Put pictures of interesting processes taking place within your business. Let others know how people enjoy working at your company. Post videos on YouTube about quality customer experiences and help other customers to have their own. For instance, if you are an app development company, you can add stuff like how your customers are satisfied using mobile apps developed by your company. You can also tell your audience the process of app development services and solutions to engage customers’ attention. Moreover, you can also like other users’ videos so that they will end up checking your page. However, this needs to be done occasionally and carefully.

Grow Your Network

Growing networks on social websites can be challenging in the beginning. But with the right content and strategy, you will end up getting a large audience on your network. You can create advertisements by paying a few dollars to websites like Facebook and YouTube. On the other hand, you can pay influencers and bloggers to advertise your content so that you can get new followers. By setting some rewards, ask your existing customers to share your mobile app or website link along with your social media page on their social networks. If you do not have a website or mobile app yet, you can get an informative guide from here either to have it or not. If you think a mobile app can do wonders for escalating your business, you may consult an good mobile app development company.

Engage People With Your Network

Engaging your audience is essential both when you are on a progressing and when you reach the milestone. Engaging is crucial for retention, as well. Make sure that you keep posting useful, informative, funny, and engaging stuff. Let’s use the example of an app development company again. An app development company should keep updating its audience about their upcoming apps and projects. They can ask for suggestions from their audience about some features to be added in a mobile app. If the advice is worthwhile implementing, show them the practical use of their advice. This way, they can engage many customers’ loyalty who put their input in the poll. Building a connection and relationship with your audience is more critical than just marketing. A genuine relationship itself is a high virtue marketing.

Most importantly, don’t ask people for favors and help and instead go for an exchange. You can offer others to add their posts as a reaction to promoting you.

Get Alerts

Being respondent to the customers’ queries is important, especially when you are on struggling to get brand recognition. Get alerts when people mention you somewhere or tags to ask something related to any of your products.

Social Media Platforms

Now, let’s move to the second section of our blog, where we will explore how we can start promotions on different social sites to grow your brand.


Posting stuff on your wall and paid advertisements are popular on Facebook. What else you can do is wishing birthdays and greetings to one of your loyal customers. Especially if your target audience is limited, pay special attention to your customers and build a relationship with them. For instance, if you are a mobile app development company or a recruiter agency, you might have a limited target audience. Moreover, you may have some fixed clients who always come to you. In such a scenario, give them a high place and offer them a discount coupon for special occasions via Facebook.


Instagram is a popular marketing app where you can make a product display without being excessively promotional. Instagram gives you a chance to get followers through particular hashtags. If you want to target a certain audience, you can use relevant hashtags, and the followers can see and reach to your posts. Instagram stories are an excellent way to keep your audience updated about day-to-day progress and processes.


You can engage your twitter followers by retweeting their tweets and by commenting on their posts occasionally. Also, never miss replying on any comment on your tweets. Make your followers your friends. Give them a personalized feel, give little favors on an occasional basis to keep them retain. You can use twitter to update information quickly and simply by using 140-280 characters.


LinkedIn is a must for businesses. It is a platform where you can meet potential clients and customers. An effective way to engage with your target audience is to join relevant industry groups and taking part in group discussions. The way you represent your business on LinkedIn, it is more likely to flourish the same way via online marketing. Update your profile with new links, product reviews, books, or articles that are relevant to your product and services. Provide other information about your business and keep it open to all the people in your network. Ask for recommendations from your customers, vendors, and other business associates in your network for your business. Promote your business by adding brochures, SlideShares, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations, and YouTube links and videos to your profile under the Summary section. It keeps people viewing your profile updated, and they can download or share the provided information.


Pinterest is a creative and educational social media platform. You can sign up for a business profile. Create different boards and label them with the proper names. Also, on your website and mobile app, along with other social media icons, add a pin button so that the user can pin your product to their Pinterest account. You can also pin video to your boards. Encourage customers to pin your content on their boards by providing useful pictures and information to them.

Summing Up

Social media platforms are among the best marketing tools these days. If used correctly, it has the potential to escalate your business revenue to the sky. What you are required to do is confidently promote your content. Wrapping it up, keep your audience engaged with creative ideas, strategies, and promotional offers and activities.


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