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The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Small Sized Businesses

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Are you still doubting the impact of social media in the corporate world?

Well according to The Statistica, the number of social media users is bound to reach a staggering amount of 3.02 billion users per month. This is about one-third of the world’s population. Social media platforms have emerged as the most viewed and followed platforms.

These platforms have radically changed the marketing industry. With much fewer resources and shorter time, a more impactful marketing campaign can be launched on social media platforms. These social media campaigns have proven to be more effective among users.

The social media marketing strategy has also been changed thanks to the emerging trend of social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers. More than ever people are connecting to each other using these platforms.

If you are a business owner and not utilizing these platforms effectively, you have a grave chance of being left behind in the race to be the best. Businesses nowadays are focusing more on advertising and marketing through social media platforms than ever.

Online shopping has become quite common among people and people do actually give more preference to online shopping. Here are some of the ways through which you can grow your business by using these social media platforms more effectively and efficiently.

According to a survey, the most important social media platforms for marketers are:

  • Facebook – 52%
  • LinkedIn – 21%
  • Twitter – 12%

Now is a time when digital marketing is being infused with social media marketing. According to a survey, an individual spends an average of 7 minutes per day on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

More Leads

Around 70% of small businesses use social media to increase their leads. Social media platforms provide them a means to understand their customers more easily. It helps to target audiences in a more effective way. Creating engaging videos and content has been proven to help this more.

Getting reviews from PR Packages is also one way of getting acknowledged. The more visually appealing content you create for your business, the more the chances of people being attracted to it.


After making your social media pages and websites, one thing that you must do is to take steps to increase its search engine ranking. In simple words, what should you do that whenever a person searches stuff related to your business, the link of your business comes up above on the first page?

Take the necessary steps to improve your social media ranking.

Generate Traffic

Take measures to constantly increase your following on social media platform. This will increase your customers and your SEO ranking. Make aesthetically appealing pages or business profiles and then promote them using the necessary tools. You can share them and even use the paid promotion some of the sites allow.

This will help you create more audience and a wider horizon. You will see more diversity and different choice patterns among your customers.

Widely Used Social Media Platforms

Stats of some of the most widely used social media platforms are:

  • Facebook – this social networking site has about 2.07 billion active users with an increased ratio of 16% per year.
  • Twitter – this social site has around 330 million active twitter users.
  • LinkedIn – this social networking site has around 467 million users. And this site is mostly used as a professional portfolio among the users.
  • Instagram – this picture sharing social media site is used by around 800 billion active users. And since it’s a picture sharing application, many small-sized and large scale businesses are also using this as a platform for their online business.

Have a more trusted customer relationship

When on social media, customers feel more connected to businesses. The ease to do communication and the ability to stay in touch 24/7 has created a sense of more reliability and trust. According to a survey, around 79% of the marketing teams agree that these platforms provide a means to have more loyal customers.

However make sure that all content you create for your customers should be authentic, visually appealing, relatable and engaging.

Raising Awareness

One of the things that these platforms provide is awareness among the customers. Many small setups have emerged just because of the way they did their work resonated well with the customers. Social media marketing can be a very helpful tool in branding. And can create a wider audience for your company.

Cost Efficiency

What is the one thing that defines the whole marketing campaign apart from being creative? MONEY. Social media platforms provide you the perfect opportunity to launch your marketing campaign within the minimum budget. These platforms provide easy outreach services and sharing options within the affordable price limit.


Now the businesses are not confined to provide in just one area. They are spread around the globe. And to provide your products or services to people around the world, you have to stay connected anywhere and everywhere. And what else is a better place to stay connected other than those apps we keep sticking to?

Social media apps provide a means to consumers and producers to stay connected.

Customer Interests

Through these campaigns, marketers can see the emerging trends and see what actually does the customers require? They can get a better understanding of their customers’ demands. Social media platforms play a vital role in eliciting potential customers’ opinions and a platform where both parties can communicate efficiently.

Improved Customer Care

Since the consumers and producers can remain connected at all times and through targeted campaigns, the marketers can know exactly what the consumers want, so these marketing trends have made customer care a whole lot better. Through improved connectivity, all the customer queries can be answered timely.


It is due to these social media sites that we see so many online business booming and flourishing. There are many case studies on this subject that show how social media campaigns provided them a means to increase their profits within the bare minimum budgets.

One of the things that makes these sites success is the ease of using them and sharing content. Over the last few years, these sites have taken the marketing game to a whole new level.

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