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Marketing Tips to Increase the Number of Likes on Instagram

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Despite all the changes to the priority of likes – recently Instagram altered their policy, hiding the exact number of likes under posts slide to rising concerns about the mental health of the audience – the little hearts still matter a lot. So, bloggers still are concerned with getting more likes and promoting their accounts with the help of those. And of course, the opportunity to buy 100 or 30 Instagram likes is also remaining in the focus of beginners, as the competition in most niches doesn’t tend to drop down. Thus, moving to the very essence of this article, let’s find out the most effective free marketing tips that will get you more likes on Instagram such as creating an eyecatching Instagram post.

Why Likes Still Matter

Although the algorithms that regulate rating on Instagram have gone through many changes to be more complicated and smart, the basic criteria for becoming a local celebrity remained. And having a good count of likes is one of them. This metric is an important indicator of user interest and your visibility too, especially since the dynamic feed was introduced on the network. Likes can show you how much exposure you get, with the frequency and speed of receiving them.

Keep in mind that some users today hit the heart as they want to come back to this content sometime, thanks to the feature that is located in settings – in your account settings you can see all the posts you have liked, so it’s a kind of an alternative to save icon.

The main conclusion here is that likes matter for you as a significant analytical tool and one of the metrics that improve your position in the ratings, securing your visibility and growth.

Narrow Down Your Audience

There is no need to try to embrace all the public that is dwelling on Instagram. These many million-follower influencers that you see in the platform have had their chance to shine and they used it – you shouldn’t aim to replicate their success. Besides, their multi-million audience was established long ago, when the algorithms and content variety on Instagram were different. Being a beginner blogger nowadays, you have to deal with completely other conditions.

So today, to get more likes on Insta, you need to create content that will impress a lesser group of people, but with a much higher chance. Concentrate on a certain target group and make the most of your content to affect them. The public nowadays reacts better to more specific content.

Watch What Is Happening In Your industry

To understand what your target audience really prefers, checking out the profiles of the main influencers of the niche, as well as your competitors is a great idea. By looking through their accounts you can see what mistakes you can possibly avoid and how the audience perceives different kinds of content. Hence you can improve your strategy with haste, saving time and resources for fixing those. Also, by monitoring the state and population of your industry you will get to know what aspects of it aren’t yet covered or covered poorly.

Use Empirical Approach

To realize what you do best -try it all, developing a perfect combination of various content types as you go, luckily Instagram is probably the richest platform with that. For your services you get various features:

  • Feed posts/carousels: photo and video content that appears in the user feed and is categorized for exposure according to the preferences of the viewer (in other words, the system counts on how often a particular user likes content similar to yours)
  • Stories. The famous format that has made Instagram what it is now, being most impacting feature on the platform

  • IGTV: basically a tool for storage and sharing of long videos ( the ones over 1 minute)
  • Instagram Live: real-time sessions that help to establish a stronger connection with your public.
  • Reels: the latest option on Instagram, similar to Tik Tok videos by many features. A great like gainer, as well as a nice tool for reaching the audience

Remain Focused On Visuals

Instagram has been a photo-sharing app since its very beginning, so pictures are still a leitmotif on this network. However, the requirements for the graphics are now much higher. Currently, the visual trends that all have got used to are changing so for you it’s a chance to create something entirely different. For example, a common method that was recommended in all guides is to create a single color correction scheme for your profile. Well, recently, this tendency has changed, as users care more about the quality of each particular photo rather than your profile overall. So you should concentrate your attention on creating good compositions and inputting value and sense in your photos and videos. Basic rules remain the same, but you don’t have to try and make a brand of your page anymore.

Write Likeable Captions

Along with high-quality pictures, people need to see some value, and the best way to show it is to write good captions. Long reads are in favor nowadays so you can express your thoughts as you like and get appreciated and supported for that. Aim to create something informative or educational for your followers, as well as offer them some food for discussions in the comment sections. Thoughtful and interesting text will also bring you more likes if you care for it to be comfortable to read and write grammatically.

Secure Consistent Posting

Another factor that helps to get more likes is uploading new posts consistently. This way you will remain visible to your target audience and will remind them of yourself to them. Discover when your target group is the most active online, and adjust your schedule accordingly. Develop a content plan that will be comfortable for you to sustain. Quality always goes over quantity, remember that. Your followers will forgive you if you post content less often but if the updates will be frequent, and worth waiting for.

Use Paid Ads

Of course, your promotion on Instagram will require investments, because without it your posts will get lost in the depth of all the materials that are uploaded to the platform daily. Given you have already found out who is your target group, Paid Ads on Instagram are a huge help for better exposure. With paid posts you can expand your influence in a shorter term and avoid harsh competition, addressing your potential followers directly.


It is impossible to get many likes on Instagram without developing a working strategy that will improve all your metrics. You shouldn’t focus only on likes. Instead, concentrate your efforts on creating interesting and valuable content for your audience.


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