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How to Learn Social Media Skills

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Social media is an integral part of people’s daily life and routine. Technological advancements result in rapid transformation and bring changes in the social media trends day by day. Many companies and organizations are seeking new ways to engage with customers. They are also finding a balance between making sense of their social data with customers.

Upgrading connections, community, and experience, authentic influencers, short-duration content to gain popularity, Instagram, and Snapchat stories are some of the best examples of trends in social media today. Apart from popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, TikTok is the app gaining more attention in social media for its engaging video content. It is going to rule in social media marketing ahead.

Some of the factors affecting social media in the future would be technology adoption, legal security, Influencer marketing, Regulatory control, customer service and satisfaction, personalization, and local targeting. So, if you are a social media enthusiast, you need to be aware of these factors.

This article lets you understand why social media is an important marketing channel and how you can learn social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a process of using social media platforms to connect with your customers and audience and drive website traffic, increase sales, and brand value. It is a channel where you can advertise digitally for your product or service. Social media marketing includes publishing great and attractive content on your social profile, listening to and engaging your audience, and running social media advertisements.

In the world of social and digital marketing, the major social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Linkedin. These platforms have built-in management tools that help businesses to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and boost their conversations with the audience, followers, and customers. It also gives businesses a great way to learn from their competitors, whether their strategies are working properly, and analyze their marketing stands.

Benefits of a Career in Social Media Marketing

Billions of people are using social media platforms today to interact with each other. In today’s world of technologies and digital gadgets, every big company is shifting to online to promote its business. So, it will be a good opportunity to make a career in social media marketing. With below-listed benefits, you’ll be lured to start a bright and successful career in it:

  • Easy to begin – social media marketing is comparatively easy to start. There are a host of opportunities. If you want to showcase your digital marketing knowledge, go through online exams, and boost your CV.
  • High Pay – If you go through enough experience and hard work, you can achieve high posts and salaries. For example, the average salary of a Social Media Marketing Coordinator is $ 48819, that of Social Media Manager is $57871 and Social Media Strategist’s salary is $75000 in the US.
  • In-Demand Profession – There is a high demand for marketing professionals in 2020 and beyond. Being a social media marketer is an in-demand profession nowadays. Companies and organizations demand valuable skills and you can be the right candidate too.
  • Work with Different People –  Social media marketing is a dynamic sector in which you can get the chance to work with different kinds of experienced people having different backgrounds and interests.
  • Flexible Work-Life – One of the biggest benefits is the flexibility of work. Being a social media marketer you can work at your convenience. You can give your time for a company on a full-time basis or you can work as a freelancer for various organizations.

Social media marketing is an evolving field and has a lot of potential as a profession. You can build a good career with proper training and a positive attitude.

How Can One Gain Social Media Marketing Skills

If you are thinking to start a career in social media marketing, you need to add some skills to your repertoire. Creativity, content curation, communication skills for strong relations, sales, community management, powerful strategies, and analytical skills are a few skills that one needs to master to become a successful social media marketer.

It is recommended that you learn these skills through an online certification program. You can also get some formal training to build your career as a marketer. Several training providers are offering advanced social media certification and training programs such as Simplilearn, Sproutsocial, Hootsuite, TheNextScoop, Buffer, etc.

An online social media marketing course can help you learn the following:

  • How to design a social media strategy
  • Know about online reputation management
  • In-depth knowledge of web analytics
  • Promoting video marketing campaigns
  • Working with tools like Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics, Hootsuite, Social Studio, and Buffer
  • Working on several projects to make you industry ready

After you complete a course, it is essential to apply those skills and launch some social media campaigns to understand what strategies are working. The trends in social media keep on evolving, and you too should upgrade yourself and improve your engagement with the audience.


One of the most rewarding and challenging things while working as a social media marketer is that you are never done learning. You must continuously refine and update yourself with new skills and tools of social media marketing.

The most important thing in social media today is to target the right people on the right platform. Not only targeting but to engage them for long and finally make them happy customers is also the aim of a marketer. There are billions of people using social media platforms and channels in their daily life. So there is huge scope for organizations and businesses to promote their product with social media marketing skills. If you are likely to start or make a career in this stream, there are several certification courses you can opt for.

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