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Five Techniques To Get New Followers On Instagram

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More followers make for a larger Instagram with more reach. So, how do you increase your count and get some new ones?

   1. Create Content That Matters

Succeeding on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to consistently post eye-popping photos.

Rather, you need to focus on posting content that is meaningful and that really connects with your audience. Your goal isn’t just to create a beautiful feed. It is to create content that people love. Great content has higher impressions. Read this if you are not sure of what impressions are – What are impressions on Instagram – learn more.

Let go of perfectionism and let your true self shine. You will come across as being more relatable if you aren’t afraid to show some flaws.

Use descriptions that are closely related to the content of your photos. Even though it is a popular tactic on Instagram, avoid doing something cliché like taking a photo of yourself doing a handstand and writing a Rumi quote in the description. Instead, try to be a little bit more authentic and creative.

It is fine to talk about the products or services that you offer when posting new content. Usually, the people who follow you are interested in what you are doing.

Think of Instagram as a marketing tool. You should try to use it to drive traffic to your website or to get people to sign up for your mailing list. If you do nothing but post beautiful photos, you are missing out on opportunities to gain new clients or to sell more products.

  2. Create A Consistent Look And Feel For Your Feed

 Take a look at some of the top users on Instagram. Chances are, all of the photos in their feed are similar in terms of their visual style and their subject matter.

Creating consistency between your photos can make your feed more attractive and professional looking. It is a lot easier to accomplish than you might think, although you do need to plan ahead.

Step #1 – Identify a style that you like

Go through the feeds of people that you follow on Instagram. Which ones really stand out? Are there any characteristics that you are consistently drawn to? Do you prefer bright, colorful images or softer, more muted pictures? Identifying your preferences will make it easier for you to come up with a style for your own feed.

Step #2 – Spend Time Planning

Having a beautiful Instagram feed doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, it takes careful planning. The most successful people on Instagram will usually take multiple photos during a single photoshoot. They can then post these photos over the course of the week.

Planning ahead like this creates a consistent look for your feed. It also makes it easier to stay on top of posting, no matter how busy you get as the week goes by.

Step #3 – Focus On Consistency

Consistency is an important part of creating a professional, pulled-together look for your feed. Decide on a style and stick with it. For instance, you might want to always use the same filter on your photos to give them a similar look and feel.

I use Canva.com on my Mac when editing images. You may also want to look into tools like ColorStory, Afterlight, and VSCO, all of which can be downloaded from the App Store.

 3. Post On A Regular Schedule

Consistency is extremely important if you want to be able to connect with more people on Instagram.

Typically, adding a picture or two to your account on a daily basis is adequate. Never post multiple images at the same time. Instead, try posting one photo in the morning and one later at night so that you don’t overwhelm the people who are following you.

As of right now, there is no way to schedule your posts through Instagram itself. They only allow you to add new content in real-time. Fortunately, there are apps and tools available that will allow you to automatically post on a schedule. Consider checking out tools like https://later.com and http://schedugr.am.

Even though you should do your best to post when most people will be online, don’t worry too much about the timing of your posts. The most important thing is to keep adding new content.

 4. Put Hashtags To Work For Your Account

When you add a hashtag to one of your posts, people who are viewing that hashtag will be able to see it in the feed. Hashtags also allow people to find your content through searches, which can help you get a lot more exposure.

To get the most out of hashtags, use these strategies:

– Figure out which hashtags your followers use on a regular basis

– Focus on hashtags that don’t get quite as much traffic. If you go with a hashtag that is too popular, your photos will get pushed too far down in the feed within a matter of seconds.

– When you initially post, only use one hashtag. Right after your post goes live, add a comment with as many as 30 more hashtags. Have fun with this process. With a little bit of creativity, you can find unique or interesting hashtags that allow you to connect with new people.

 5. Participate In The Community

Engagement is essential when it comes to building a large following on Instagram. You can’t just post pretty pictures and hope that people find your account. Instead, you need to actively follow related accounts, like their posts and comment on their photos.

The more you like, follow, and comment, the more people will start to notice your account. In many cases, they will return the favor by liking your content or following you. Most people only look at the nine most recent photos that you have posted when deciding whether or not to follow your account, so make sure that you always have top-quality content at the top of your feed.

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